[Bill Veeck at O’Leary’s #8]

Raw footage of Bill Veeck at O'Leary's for Bill Veeck's Saloon. It is mostly running commentary about a basketball game, watching TV, and several takes of Veeck discussing "peripatetic" coaches, Lou Saban, and jockeys.

00:05Copy video clip URL Veeck, responding to Waldo, discusses how players behave like their their coaches and various “peripatetic” coaches (contract breakers).

1:42Copy video clip URL End of first take.

3:03Copy video clip URL Second take. Many college coaches “have no respect for their word.” The worst offender is Lou Saban.

4:47Copy video clip URL End of second take.

6:45Copy video clip URL Third take.

9:10Copy video clip URL End of third take.

10:21Copy video clip URL Fourth take.

10:30Copy video clip URL Fifth take.

10:45Copy video clip URL Sixth take. Veeck says that the jockey is the fittest athlete.

12:33Copy video clip URL Veeck: Jockeys come from Spanish speaking areas because they are malnourished and thereby small.

12:50Copy video clip URL Veeck watching television with other people. Chatting about what is best for the basketball teams playing (De Paul vs. St. Joseph).

22:06Copy video clip URL De Paul loses. They continue chatting.

25:00Copy video clip URL Veeck talks about golf. Another man joins the party. They continue the discussion of the De Paul game.

28:45Copy video clip URL Man brings out Nelson Fox’s stats. Interview of De Paul’s coach on the television. Veeck tells a few anecdotes from his coaching days.

36:03Copy video clip URL Television shows highlights of ’59 World Series.

37:56Copy video clip URL Television off. Veeck and company turn back toward bar.

38:15Copy video clip URL Producer Tom Weinberg: “Let’s try to do about four minutes on Fox.”

38:20Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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