[Bill Veeck at O’Leary’s #9]

Raw footage of Veeck at O'Leary's for Bill Veeck's Saloon. Veeck, Bill Brashler, and Waldo discuss the De Paul vs. St. Joseph game (see tape 8) and sports generally.

00:04Copy video clip URL Open to producers discussing the shot. Bartender brings Veeck another beer.

1:17Copy video clip URL Veeck maintains that the World Series is the best show in the country, then the Sweet Sixteen, and then the NCAA generally.

2:00Copy video clip URL Discussion of De Paul vs. St. Joseph in the tournament.

2:41Copy video clip URL Referring to St. Joseph’s poise during the game, Veeck: “Is that the athletes or the coaches?” Everyone agrees that it’s the coaching.

4:55Copy video clip URL Veeck: “Do you think the players on the De Paul team believed everything they read about themselves?” Waldo: “They’re past that.”

7:10Copy video clip URL Brashler: “The coach is above the emotions of the game”

9:23Copy video clip URL Veeck: “Looks to me like the Mormons are doing a better job prayer-wise than our Jesuits.”

9:49Copy video clip URL Veeck: “When you have very little talent you try to bring the other team down to you.”

13:50Copy video clip URL Veeck: “I guess this is what keeps us all going. The favorites don’t always win.”

17:45Copy video clip URL Color bars. End of tape.



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