[Bill Veeck commentaries]

Raw tape with at least six takes of Bill Veeck commentary shot at Murphy's Bleachers. Topics include drugs and society and a vehement call on the major league owners to enforce the player contracts.

00:04Copy video clip URL Color bars.

1:00Copy video clip URL Veeck at Murphy’s. First take of Veeck’s introduction to the show.

1:57Copy video clip URL Second take. “I’m thinking about Dallas Green and the problems he’s had this past week with drugs.” He describes the historical use of drugs with the down-trodden. Take is interrupted by the train.

2:42Copy video clip URL Third take.”Got the pyramids built with hashish, and the peons in South America with coco leaves…”

3:31Copy video clip URL Veeck quotes player conduct contract as a solution to the problem.

4:17Copy video clip URL Black.

4:22Copy video clip URL Fourth take.

5:03Copy video clip URL Fifth take.

5:45Copy video clip URL “Now the situation is reversed. It’s the newly rich who are going to drugs…”

6:36Copy video clip URL Sixth take.

7:30Copy video clip URL Veeck goes through conduct stipulations in the contract. “If management doesn’t take advantage and enforce this contract it’s because they’re gutless.”

8:46Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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