[Bill Veeck interviews Frank Cashen]

Raw footage of an interview between Bill Veeck and N.Y. Mets General Manager Frank Cashen. The two talk about the financial woes in the MLB. Raw footage for A View From The Bleachers With Bill Veeck.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with color bars. The location audio can be heard.

00:30Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Bill Veeck with then N.Y. Mets General Manager Frank Cashen. The two make a little conversation before the interview begins.

00:56Copy video clip URL Veeck asks Cashen about his reconfiguring of the team. Cashen responds, “I just feel that you can’t win in Major League Baseball unless you have a power base of one hundred home runs.” Cashen talks about the players he had brought in to try and achieve that goal. Veeck then asks Cashen about whether or not he sees another Reggie Jackson among any new players, Cashen responds by saying that the three can do as much as Jackson while on field, but is unsure of whether they will have as much charisma as Jackson did off of the field.

02:49Copy video clip URL Veeck asks Cashen whether the game of baseball needs heroes. Cashen responds by saying that there is a need for heroes in baseball and that New York is a “heroes town.” Cashen then briefly talks about the history of the team and the lack of heroes in baseball in modern times. “I don’t think we really get the complete ball players the way we used to have. When you can find somebody that can hit, and hit with power, and hit for an average, and can field, and can throw, and can run; there just aren’t, you know, you count those ball players on one hand.”

05:37Copy video clip URL Veeck asks Cashen about his thoughts on the what a player like Reggie Jackson would be worth to a franchise. The two talk about the notion of superstars in effect “paying for themselves.”

06:44Copy video clip URL Cashen gives his opinion on pay television’s effect on the MLB. He believes that cable will be an income producer to baseball, but that it won’t change things all that much. Cashen compares this to television’s effect on the game when TV was a new medium. Veeck and Cashen continue to talk about the future of the game. Cashen is against the notion of bringing more expansion teams into the MLB and states that it “weakens what is already a fairly weak structure.” The two then talk about the realignment of the American and National Leagues. Cashen states that it would be a good idea to realign the two leagues but that it will take quite some time before that happens.

10:09Copy video clip URL Veeck asks Cashen about the escalation of player salaries. Cashen responds by saying, “I don’t really think that the salary scale makes any sense at all today and as I say I don’t see any top being put upon it. It worries me because I think it has gone to fast. I think that any prudent business person can look at it and can say that it is going too fast and I really, all present company, all people in the game today accept it. I really worry about the caliber of ownerships we’re going to be able to attract to baseball.” The two end the interview shortly after this.

12:13Copy video clip URL Fans in attendance at the stadium compliment both Veeck and Cashen for their dedicated years in baseball. The camera operator then gathers more footage of Veeck and Cashen talking baseball after the interview.

13:12Copy video clip URL The sound cuts out.

13:47Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of a young boy throwing a few pitches out on the field. This lasts for the remainder of the tape. We also see some footage of Veeck making his way off of the field.

18:31Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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