[Bill Veeck interviews Marvin Miller #1]

Marvin Miller, director of the Major League Baseball Player's Association, is interviewed by Bill Veeck in the ballpark in Clearwater, Florida during Spring Training. Raw footage for A View From The Bleachers With Bill Veeck. Part 1 of 2.

00:00Copy video clip URL Bars on screen with voice over introduction.

00:32Copy video clip URL Opening shot of Miller standing in the outfield, talking with St Louis Cardinals and Philadelphia Phillies players, most of whom are sitting or lying in the outfield.

02:04Copy video clip URL Voices offscreen ask: “What’s Marvin Miller talking about?” The response: “God knows. Probably the first half hour’s what he did for them and the next two hours what he’s going to do for them.”

05:13Copy video clip URL Miller leaves the field, shakes hands and engages in small talk with people on the first base line. He approaches Bill Veeck, and they chat briefly, joking about Miller’s “retirement.”

06:45Copy video clip URL Cut to Miller and Veeck sitting in the bleachers having a discussion while waiting to start the interview.

07:30Copy video clip URL Veeck opens the interview by asking whether he anticipated the job being so turbulent and that he would have so much success. Miller begins to respond, discussing the reserve system and the anti-union bias of owners, then is interrupted and asked to repeat.

08:25Copy video clip URL Opening of interview, take 2. Miller says that he did not anticipate the challenges from the owners nor the progress that has been made. He comments that he did see there was “a lot of room for progress” but he “could not anticipate what happened.”

09:40Copy video clip URL Veeck asks about the attempt to get the reserve clause thrown out, to which Miller comments that he felt from the beginning that the owners’ attempt to keep the reserve clause could not stand up.

10:25Copy video clip URL Miller talks about the Curt Flood case and the book “The Brethren.” He comments that it’s deplorable that the votes were changed in the Curt Flood case and that the votes had nothing to do with the actual case.

11:50Copy video clip URL Veeck notes that he spoke with Hank Greenberg, who read the book and says “We won.”

12:12Copy video clip URL Miller speaks about the next step being a “period of consolidation.” He further comments on “the collusion of owners in dealing with free agents.” He goes into detail about the case of Ron Guidry and negotiations with the 17 clubs who were seeking to sign him, plus the Yankees. He notes that the price of a free agent is relative, and while the length of the contract between these offers should vary, it’s amazing how they are always the same offer, except the Yankees’, which is significantly higher. He suggests that collusion on the the part of owners.

14:56Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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