[Bill Veeck interviews Marvin Miller #2]

Marvin Miller, director of the Major League Baseball Player's Association, is interviewed by Bill Veeck in the ballpark in Clearwater, Florida during Spring Training. Raw footage for A View From The Bleachers With Bill Veeck. Part 2 of 2.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars with audio of Marvin Miller and Bill Veeck talking.

00:37Copy video clip URL Video comes in with a shot of Veeck and Miller on the bleachers in the park.  Miller talks about the question of television rights being one of the biggest issues to resolve.

01:30Copy video clip URL Veeck asks about the spiraling salaries of players and the challenge of owners to meet costs, requiring clubs to seek other sources of income. Miller comments on the secrecy of financial information in the baseball industry, which makes it difficult to determine the truth about financial matters in the clubs.

04:00Copy video clip URL Veeck asks about the disparity in teams’ abilities to pay for players being exacerbated by television contracts between large and smaller cities. Miller points out that smaller cities have some of the largest contracts, but says that in general it is true.

04:55Copy video clip URL Veeck asks about minor league players. Miller discusses the attempt to bring baseball under anti-trust laws and the fact that most people forget that the vast majority of baseball players are minor league players who have to still abide by a reserve system, are drafted, and have a difficult system which needs to be challenged.

06:50Copy video clip URL Veeck asks about subsidization of the minor league system and the idea that Jack Kerns brought up to have a national sports union. Miller speaks about the complications of this, particularly with varying development of different leagues of professional sports as well as the difficulty of unionizing individual athletes in a sport such as boxing.

08:00Copy video clip URL They speak about agents. Miller comments that there are both good and bad agents, and mentions the desire he has to track agents and their credentials and to present that information to players so that they can be informed about choosing an agent. He hopes to put a panel of experts on salary arbitration to support players, as well. They both worry about the role of up and coming agents and their lack of experience and credentials.

10:45Copy video clip URL Veeck compliments Miller on his contribution to the game, and points out that most people in baseball management do not understand the role he plays. Miller notes that most of the owners do not know him. He points out that he’s been in this job more than 21 of the 26 owners in baseball.

12:12Copy video clip URL They wrap up the interview, which is followed by silent footage from another camera angle as Miller picks up his briefcase and steps out of the stands.

12:54Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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