[Bill Veeck interviews Ted Turner]

Bill Veeck interviews Ted Turner in his Atlanta office in 1983. The two talk about the future of baseball and communications, specifically focusing on pay television and revenue sharing between teams. Raw footage for A View From The Bleachers with Bill Veeck.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars and sound check.

01:19Copy video clip URL Veeck and Turner chat before the interview begins.

01:50Copy video clip URL Bill Veeck gives Turner a lengthy introduction, highlighting his involvement in both the television and baseball world. He asks Turner to comment on the future of media with regard to baseball.

03:29Copy video clip URL Veeck asks what form the association between baseball and communications will take in the future. Turner states that he believes a lot of baseball broadcasts will probably fall under the umbrella of pay television. Turner also talks about the distribution of income from pay television and the disparity between leagues. He predicts that baseball will likely crash before a major change occurs in the league.

08:05Copy video clip URL Veeck asks whether or not the superstations that air all over the country will be included in pay TV revenue sharing. Turner points out that the NFL is viable because it incorporates revenue sharing both from advertising and ticket sales. He speaks also about how the Braves make four times as much on television revenue compared to ticket sales, which is highly unusual. Turner then begins to talk about the struggles within other industries and states that baseball management problems were caused by foolish owners.

14:09Copy video clip URL Veeck states that a good amount of revenue losses in the MLB are picked up by rising ticket prices. Turner agrees but states that baseball tickets should be reasonably priced. He then talks about some of the struggles the Atlanta Braves franchise has gone through. The interview ends shortly afterward.

15:48Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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