[Bill Veeck master for Heart Association]

Various footage from The Bill Veeck Show, Bill Veeck's Front Office, the documentary Bill Veeck: A Man For Any Season, raw footage from interviews, and, at the end of the tape, about five minutes of the movie review show "Sneak Preview" (1984).

00:04Copy video clip URL Color bars.

00:36Copy video clip URL WTTW countdown. Open to “The Bill Veeck Show.”

00:55Copy video clip URL Bill Veeck introduces himself and a heart/respirator machine.

1:31Copy video clip URL “Bill Veeck’s Front Office.” Introduces himself and his sports show. He says he is eminently qualified for the show–began shagging balls when he was 11. Discussion of his movement into the front office and his various ownerships.

3:18Copy video clip URL Fans “identify themselves with certain players or certain clubs.” Veeck gives anecdotes about Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle.

4:55Copy video clip URL Veeck in the 1980s quotes Rudyard Kipling’s “The Elephant’s Child.”

5:33Copy video clip URL Introduction to “Bill Veeck: A Man For Any Season.”

7:10Copy video clip URL WTTW Countdown. Open to Veeck speaking at Northern Illinois University (NIU). Picture of Veeck with Joe McCarthy. Veeck looking to talk about an unsuccessful ballclub that he owned, the St. Louis Browns, “Cause I know none of you have seen them…we played secret games!” An anecdote follows about Veeck (jokingly) catering to a fan to sell tickets.

9:33Copy video clip URL Veeck talks about Leroy Satchel Paige: “He was confident. He had pride in his performance.” Gives several anecdotes.

14:30Copy video clip URL WTTW Countdown. Veeck in University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)’s basketball stadium. He talks about life in general and philosophy: “I think I can truthfully say I have never been bored.”

15:33Copy video clip URL Books, your hands, and people keep you from being bored. “You find that no matter what situation you’re in you’re rarely alone.”

16:57Copy video clip URL “It’s the difference that adds the seasoning to life. It’s the unusual. If you’re going to be involved in promotions, the thing that makes a promotion successful, truly, is incongruity.”

18:12Copy video clip URL “To give someone an elephant is much more fun than giving someone a car.”

18:58Copy video clip URL “Time of course is purely relative.” Veeck discusses difference in perception of time between children and adults: “Maybe that’s the reason elderly people don’t sleep as much, because maybe that allows them to maximize the time they have that is conscious… you want to utilize the time that you have.”

21:32Copy video clip URL “The greatest fear I had in Illinois Masonic was not getting to see her [wife Mary Frances] again.”

22:09Copy video clip URL Montage of Veeck on the street.

22:52Copy video clip URL Black.

23:03Copy video clip URL End segment of “Sneak Preview” with Jeffrey Lyons and Neal Gabler, November, 1984. Segment opens with the tail-end of a discussion of Terminator. They discuss new movies available on cassette, including Purple Rain, Bolero, The Neverending Story, and The Empire Strikes Back.

25:10Copy video clip URL Movies in theatres: The Right Stuff, Rumblefish, Star 80, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Oh, God! You Devil, Bizet’s Carmen, The Killing Fields, and again back to The Terminator.

28:20Copy video clip URL PBS outro.

28:40Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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