[Bill Veeck off-air]

Tape of various raw footage from the "Making it in Hollywood" documentary, Bill Veeck off-air, and WBBM news coverage. Veeck talks about a Chicago White Sox comeback and not getting enough media coverage for the Chicago White Sox.

00:17Copy video clip URL Open to cars on street. Man on phone discussing the talent on the show.

00:50Copy video clip URL Veeck talking with Jeanne Morris about the Sox and not getting enough coverage during the season. Cut to news anchor who explains that the Tribune is tied to WGN and WGN is tied to the Cubs.

1:52Copy video clip URL Beginning of a commercial.

2:03Copy video clip URL From “Making it in Hollywood.” Going over production for a show and a script reading audition.

3:45Copy video clip URL Director points out and discusses actor’s bilateral lisp.

4:40Copy video clip URL Another woman comes in to audition for the same role.

7:34Copy video clip URL Second woman who auditioned is shown cast in a television show playing a woman she didn’t audition for.

8:20Copy video clip URL Interview from “Making it in Hollywood.”

10:00Copy video clip URL Home tour in L.A.

10:58Copy video clip URL Another interview from “Making it in Hollywood” between veteran actress Shelley Winters and a younger up-and-coming actress, Sally Kirkland.

14:48Copy video clip URL Shot of a Gray Line Tour filled with tourists passing by.

15:10Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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