[Bill Veeck on books]

John Callaway and Bill Veeck sit at 57th Street Beach in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood and discuss book recommendations for summer reading. However, most of the segment is taken up by listing the books displayed in the windows of prominent bookstores, and Veeck gets little time to share his thoughts.

00:18Copy video clip URL End of Bolla Wine Commercial.

00:22Copy video clip URL WLS-TV anchor introduces book review segment with John Callaway and Bill Veeck.

00:48Copy video clip URL Callaway heads segment and is on the 57th St. beach with Veeck.

1:06Copy video clip URL Storefront of bookstore on Wabash–“lots of science stuff”

1:30Copy video clip URL “B Dalton” storefront.

2:28Copy video clip URL Back to Callaway and Veeck. “Summer is a time of dreams and dreams mean escape.” Veeck brings books by Ed McBane, a murder mystery, “Trade Wind” by Kaye, and “Death Under Sail” by Snow. Callaway shows Richard Krichfield’s book “Villages” and Dick Francis’s “Reflex.”

4:52Copy video clip URL Outro.

5:42Copy video clip URL Commercial

5:52Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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