Bill Veeck on Good Morning America

Bill Veeck being interviewed by David Hartman on Good Morning America, February 2, 1981. It is a short interview, and they touch on the importance of promotion in the game, the changes in the game in light of its new corporate structure, and what Veeck will do after he's retired.

00:18Copy video clip URL Title card, Baseball Achievement Awards on Good Morning America.

00:27Copy video clip URL David Hartman introduces Veeck–it is his last day as president of the Chicago White Sox.

1:17Copy video clip URL Veeck, responding to Hartman’s question about leaving: “One has mixed emotions. You are pleased because it is only fair to White Sox fans. We should stop playing as a farm team for other major league teams…”

2:11Copy video clip URL The White Sox are troubled by the corporate structure.

2:41Copy video clip URL “You’re not gonna leave the game completely, are you?” Veeck: “Mary Frances and I haven’t even discussed what we are going to do tomorrow…”

3:16Copy video clip URL Hartman brings up various promotional schemes: “What’s that have to do with baseball? Is it just fun?”

3:47Copy video clip URL Veeck: “It’s a game…basically, it’s entertainment. I think it’s very important, baseball and entertainment…”

4:16Copy video clip URL “So what’s happened? Has baseball changed so much?” Veeck: “Some of the trappings of change, but the game itself hasn’t changed…There’s been a continuity to keep the game in balance…”

5:38Copy video clip URL Baseball is a game “Savored rather than gulped.”

5:52Copy video clip URL Hole for commercial break.

6:31Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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