Bill Veeck’s Back in Town

Dave Nightingale interviews Bill Veeck, 1976.

00:05Copy video clip URL Color bars.

00:38Copy video clip URL Title card.

00:48Copy video clip URL Various people reacting to Veeck’s return.

1:08Copy video clip URL Intro to Veeck’s “last hurrah.”

1:21Copy video clip URL Host Dave Nightingale interviews Veeck.

1:50Copy video clip URL Veeck: “Oh yes, this is the last stop.”

2:13Copy video clip URL Veeck elaborates how he came to buy the Chicago White Sox.

5:12Copy video clip URL Nightingale: “When you had the papers drawn up you fell apart a little bit, didn’t you?” Veeck: “Yes, my leg collapsed!”

8:03Copy video clip URL Veeck: “Movement of Sox to Seattle solves a potential suit.”

9:11Copy video clip URL Singing voicemail from Veeck’s children.

10:39Copy video clip URL Break for commercial.

10:57Copy video clip URL Back. Nightingale brings up Veeck’s father and asks Veeck to describe growing up in Hinsdale, IL.

12:20Copy video clip URL Anecdote about Veeck’s father exposing Veeck to the idea that “All money is green. Everyone’s money is the same.”

13:22Copy video clip URL How Veeck lost his leg. Recall of a 90mm gun fractured his leg. Later it was amputated.

14:28Copy video clip URL Veeck drew 2 million people into Cleveland’s ball park.

14:53Copy video clip URL Story of Eddie Gaedel.

16:04Copy video clip URL Commercial break.

16:20Copy video clip URL Nightingale leads into story of 1959, the year Veeck bought the White Sox.

17:40Copy video clip URL Highlights of the year for Veeck–Fox and Aparicio, working with Lopez.

19:53Copy video clip URL Highlights of 1959 World Series. Sox won first game 11-0. Went down hill after the first game.

22:22Copy video clip URL Veeck: “The only disaster was the end of the series.”

22:36Copy video clip URL Veeck goes “into exile” in Maryland.

23:25Copy video clip URL Commercial break.

23:42Copy video clip URL Nightingale introduces White Sox general manager Roland Hemond. Veeck discusses their roster and Paul Richards.

29:03Copy video clip URL Nightingale mentions “trade-a-thon.”

30:14Copy video clip URL Commerical break.

30:38Copy video clip URL Back. The three talk about four “speed” players acquired from trades: Garr,  Nettle, Banister, and Nyman.

32:39Copy video clip URL Pitchers, Jefferson, Dent, Downing, Orda, and defensive strategies.

37:17Copy video clip URL Nightingale quotes from Veeck’s autobiography, “Veeck, as in Wreck.”

37:44Copy video clip URL Commercial break.

38:01Copy video clip URL Back. Nightingale continues to quote Veeck about entertainment and spectacle in baseball.

39:39Copy video clip URL Veeck: “…There is nothing tangible about entertainment. And we’re in the entertainment business… We have to run an operation for the fans and not for yourself…you try to send [fans] away with something fun and worth watching.”

42:00Copy video clip URL Description of Veeck’s filing system for 1,600 ideas. Veeck: “If I see something that works I steal it.”

43:15Copy video clip URL Veeck’s philosophy on tickets. No indiscriminate or random ticket-giving.

45:06Copy video clip URL Nightingale quotes from Veeck’s book again. Veeck describes his pleasure at the showing of support for his purchase.

47:21Copy video clip URL “It’s meant to be an enjoyable way to escape.”

48:00Copy video clip URL Credits.

48:30Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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