Bill Veeck’s Saloon, a sampler

Sampler footage for the proposed TV series, "Bill Veeck's Saloon."

00:17Copy video clip URL Color bars.

00:37Copy video clip URL Title slides.

00:52Copy video clip URL Veeck introduces himself, his ownerships, working with the Bears, and says, “in other words I’ve been around the track and over the course.”

1:41Copy video clip URL “We’re gonna talk about sports. Not really the kind of sports you get with the scores, but really the flavor and the color and the nuances…I’m going to try to recreate the fun and pleasure I’ve had in more than five decades in the larceny of athletics, and playing games and enjoying every second of it.”

2:29Copy video clip URL “Bill Veeck’s Saloon.”

2:53Copy video clip URL Veeck, producer Tom Weinberg, and Nick Kladis sitting at the bar. Veeck to Kladis, “Don’t you think athletes are different?” Kladis: “They are no fun any more…”

3:54Copy video clip URL They discuss agents and Mark McGwire.

4:40Copy video clip URL Waldo at the bar where Weinberg was. They’re discussing Reggie Jackson.

5:29Copy video clip URL Pete Rose, Dempsey, and “swashbucklers.”

6:25Copy video clip URL Veeck back at a table in a saloon. He discusses various ball club’s ownership difficulties. “Maybe something is wrong–it isn’t any longer a seller’s market…”

8:29Copy video clip URL Bill Brashler at the bar (in the saloon) with Veeck and Waldo: “Tell me why owners re-negotiate contracts.”

9:58Copy video clip URL Veeck laments the loss of “the game” in baseball. He says it’s all greed. They begin to talk about Johnny Bench.

11:08Copy video clip URL Veeck alone at the bar in the saloon: “You’re right Waldo, there’s no reason to expect the players will perform better than their mentors…” He talks about Joe Saban and George Steinbrenner.

12:57Copy video clip URL “Bill Veeck’s Saloon”

13:07Copy video clip URL Veeck, noticeably inebriated, concludes.

13:30Copy video clip URL End slides.

14:06Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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