Earth Birth, Sky High / Soundings of the Planet sampler

The documentary "Earth Birth, Sky High," which records the home birth of Dean and Dudley Evenson's daughter, as well as a response to the video by an obstetrician. The tape also includes a sampler of artists whose audio recordings were released by the Soundings of the Earth label as well as footage of an interview with members of the Blackfoot tribe about their decision to remove their children from American schools.

 00:11Copy video clip URL A pregnant, naked Dudley Evenson sits with a midwife and starts breathing exercises. In voiceover she introduces the video: “You are about to participate in an unusual experience. It is the home delivery of our second child in the school bus we lived in an a Florida island.” Over images of jellyfish superimposed onscreen text: “Earth Birth Sky High.” Evenson discusses their hopes to convey the “spiritual nature of childbirth” as the image returns to her. 

01:13Copy video clip URL Onscreen text: “Featuring our baby’s new years morn entry into the Earth plane – Natural delivery in our school bus home on a Florida island. Evensong.” Images of the school bus, of jellyfish, and of a baby and children. The infant feeds. Images of the sea shot with a fisheye lens. A drone-y new age song plays along with sounds of waves. 

03:16Copy video clip URL Over images of fish, water, and abstract patterns, a discussion of the miracle of childbirth. 

04:11Copy video clip URL Voiceover discussion continues. Footage of Dudley and midwife in the school bus with Dudley’s newborn baby. Montage of babies, water, fish, abstract patterns. 

05:08Copy video clip URL A pregnant Dudley does yoga naked at the water and dives in. In voiceover she discusses the need for exercise during pregnancy. 

07:13Copy video clip URL Over a montage of images of Dudley and of waves, Dudley describes her decision to give birth on their school bus. Onscreen text: “Late Afternoon, Early Labor.” Dudley rubs her pregnant belly. 

10:20Copy video clip URL Dudley and the midwife start breathing exercises. Onscreen text: “Late Evening, Early Labor. Deep Breathing.” A discussion of natural childbirth.

13:19Copy video clip URL Dudley’s water breaks. Discussion of the dangers of infection and their precautionary measures. The beginning of the birthing as Dudley takes an upright squatting position. 

19:30Copy video clip URL The baby starts to come out, then comes out quickly. It’s a girl. Dudley holds the baby, patting her back. They clear the baby’s nose and mouth. The baby cries. 

23:28Copy video clip URL Dudley takes a photographic camera and photographs the scene. They start to clean up. 

24:40Copy video clip URL Delivering the placenta. 

25:03Copy video clip URL Tying off the umbilical cord. Difficulties using dental floss. Discussion of the transition into being a mother. 

26:27Copy video clip URL End credits: “Copyright 1977. White Light Media Muses. All Rights Reserved. Editing, Post-Production Facilities Provided by Electronic Arts Intermix, Inc. Electronic Arts Intermix, Inc. is supported by public funds from The New York State Council on the Arts, The National Endowment for the Arts, as well as private funds from The Rockefeller Foundation and from individuals.” Images of the newborn baby. 

26:56Copy video clip URL Onscreen text: “A response to Earth Birth Sky High by Dr. Ray Kaufman, Chairman, Obstetrics Dept., Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Tex.”

27:06Copy video clip URL Kaufman discusses his approval of the birthing video, with reservations about the mode of delivery of the head – it should be more controlled, he says – as well as the methods of massaging the vagina. He is, however, very much against home delivery. He discusses the ways in which hospitals are equipped to prevent or address birthing complications for both mother and baby.

31:19Copy video clip URL Dudley playing with her baby, singing. 

31:46Copy video clip URL Logo: “Soundings of the Planet. Earthlab.” 

31:55Copy video clip URL “Desert Dawn Song” plays over images of the desert, Dudley swaying and dancing as the sun shines into the camera. 

34:14Copy video clip URL “An Open Heart” by Fantuzzi. Footage of Fantuzzi playing music. 

37:00Copy video clip URL “Celestial Flute of the Dove and Of the Rose” by Sananda. Footage of Sananda in and around a teepee. He holds up religious paintings. 

39:04Copy video clip URL “An Evening with Ram Dass.” Ram Dass tells a story about a Chinese military who threatens a monk. He then speaks of “honoring god in you.” 

42:00Copy video clip URL Images of a foggy valley. “Resonance: Rolling Sounds Serenade.” 

44:54Copy video clip URL End credits: “Produced by Earthlab.” 

45:14Copy video clip URL Dudley Evenson interviews two members of the Blackfeet tribe about some of their community’s families making the choice to remove their children from American schools. One discusses the need for teaching and preserving the tribal history and heritage and their opposition to the ideology and values of American schools. 

48:21Copy video clip URL Being arrested for keeping his children out of school. Other arrests. 

53:13Copy video clip URL Need to teach Blackfoot children their history, their culture, and their language, and the failure of American schools to adequately address that need.

54:00Copy video clip URL The interview continues. No audio. 

59;49 Exterior of the Blackfoot family’s home and the nature surrounding it. 



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