[Black’s Service Station raw #1]

Camera original footage showing a day in the life of Clarence and Harold Black working at their service station in Jacksonville, Illinois. Additional raw footage is continued on tapes 16601 and 16602. The edited version is on tape 16604.

00:00Copy video clip URL November 25, 1977 shoot at Blacks service station in Jacksonville, Illinois. Establishing shot of the gas station.

00:34Copy video clip URL Inside, a man is sweeping up. The videographer, Cindy Neal, looks around the garage and the auto parts on the shelves.

01:20Copy video clip URL A man changes several tires on a pick up truck.

10:43Copy video clip URL Inside the garage a man fixes a tire. He replaces a rim and rolls the tire out to a pick up truck.

15:34Copy video clip URL A man services a new customer, pumps gas, checks the engine, oil, asks if their wipers are working all right.

17:28Copy video clip URL END




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