[Black’s Service Station raw #3]

Camera original footage showing a day in the life of Clarence and Harold Black working at their service station in Jacksonville, Illinois. Additional raw footage is on tapes 16600 and 16601. The edited version is on tape 16604.

00:00Copy video clip URL Continued from tape 16601. A man fills a rubber inner tube with air. He tests another inner tube for an air leak. He breaks off the air nozzle and sets about to repair the inner tube.

06:37Copy video clip URL Something covers the camera lens. A man enters and continues working on the inner tube.

09:04Copy video clip URL The man searches for more supplies at a workbench then services a new customer.

09:57Copy video clip URL He continues repairing the inner tube.

10:31Copy video clip URL Black.

10:38Copy video clip URL END



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