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Part 3 of 4 of an interview with former NFL player George Blanda, shot for the series "Once a Star."

01:36Copy video clip URL George Blanda discusses player salaries during his playing days. He says they may not have made as much as players do today, but he managed his money well, where many players today do not.

02:18Copy video clip URL He thinks that TV money should pay the players’ salaries, so that fans can afford the tickets for the games. He thinks the fans are getting the short end of the deal.

03:22Copy video clip URL Blanda says they never considered “renegotiating” their contracts in his day. “I accepted and took what they gave me.” But he made money with his off-season job and with speaking engagements. He thinks he was paid well enough and doesn’t complain. He says the same thing has happened in all entertainment areas–movie stars and rock stars make a lot more money, too.

06:58Copy video clip URL Blanda talks about the change in the attitude of college players. They have more motivation to play professionally because it’s a viable option. This probably makes them better players as well. He doesn’t begrudge them the opportunity to get their education by playing football.

09:38Copy video clip URL Blanda emphasizes that in his day, football wasn’t the end goal, but a path on the way to their real vocation.

11:27Copy video clip URL Blanda thinks that it would be nice if current players would help pay for older players’ hospital bills, but he’s not insistent on it. He doesn’t want any body to have to take care of him.

12:50Copy video clip URL He talks about playing golf. “I think it’s a competitive, challenging game that you never master.” He plays in a lot of celebrity golf tournaments.

14:31Copy video clip URL He talks about private companies raising money for charity.

15:20Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg asks about the change in the racial makeup of football. Blanda says that one way to get out of poverty is to get an athletic scholarship. He says that many black players probably share this experience, so they work hard at it and possibly want it more.

16:57Copy video clip URL The interview concludes and footage of Blanda practicing on a putting green concludes the tape.

22:00Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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