Bloody Bess, Part III

This tape features footage from a 1974 performance of "Bloody Bess," produced by the Organic Theater Company in Chicago and performed at the Uptown Center Hull House Theater. The play was conceived by Stuart Gordon and written by William J. Norris and John Ostrander. It tells the story of Elizabeth Presberty, daughter of the Governor of the island of Tobago. After being taken prisoner by a group of pirates, she returns home to face betrayal and the murder of her family members. She eventually transforms herself into Bloody Bess, a rugged pirate captain out to bring those who have done her wrong to justice.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with static.

00:26Copy video clip URL Presberty is being beaten by one of the antagonists. The footage quality is poor. This lasts for several minutes.

04:15Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Presberty as she lays in bed. Annie Bailey makes her way into the bedroom and almost murders Presberty. She then explains to Bailey that she had been raped and reveals her arms, chained to the bed. Bailey tries to release her but can’t.

07:25Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of some of the pirates’ rivals talking about Presberty’s upcoming marriage to the government official who raped her. A minister is forced to marry the two. The wedding is finally interrupted by a group of pirates coming to her aid. There is a large battle. Presberty then takes charge of the ship and becomes captain.

22:43Copy video clip URL The rivals speak of their plans to dispose of the pirates. There is eventually a battle between the pirates and the rivals. Presberty battles the man who raped her. The tape ends right before she is about to kill him.

33:08Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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