[Bluegrass musicians]

Bluegrass musicians play an impromptu concert in the parking lot outside of a music festival. Tape also includes footage of a school orchestra rehearsing.

00:09Copy video clip URL A high school orchestra. Video goes in and out. 

00:50Copy video clip URL Outside of a music festival. 

01:30Copy video clip URL Three musicians play an upbeat bluegrass instrumental outside their van. Joined mid-song.

02:50Copy video clip URL Another upbeat instrumental song. Followed by tuning and conversation. 

05:37Copy video clip URL Another upbeat instrumental song. 

07:28Copy video clip URL They play “Honey You Don’t Know My Mind,” written by Jimmy Martin. The upright bass player sings. 

09:40Copy video clip URL A joke about one of the musicians, named Kenny Martin. 

10:30Copy video clip URL They play “Gold Watch and Chain,” written The Carter Family and later performed Ralph Stanley. 

14:05Copy video clip URL Cuts back to school orchestra. 



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