[Blues #2 3/24/82 Delta Blues / Floyd Jones, Honeyboy Edwards / Homesick James]

Performances from Barry Dolins' hosted Delta Blues event by Floyd Jones, Honeyboy Edwards, and Homesick James.

00:00Copy video clip URL Barry Dolins speaks to Floyd Jones and Honeyboy Edwards about the Delta Blues.

01:21Copy video clip URL Floyd and Honeyboy perform “The Dark Road.” Visual glitches appear on the video.

03:57Copy video clip URL Floyd discusses when he first came to Chicago in 1937 and moved to 6145 S. Aberdeen in 1945. 

04:56Copy video clip URL They perform “Crawling King Snake” after retuning their guitars.

07:49Copy video clip URL They discuss the song, who sang it first, and the other recordings of it. 

08:59Copy video clip URL Dolins plays Robert Johnson’s “Sweet Home Chicago.” Floyd plays along to the song a bit. Both him and Honeyboy listen quietly and talk about the song.

13:34Copy video clip URL Homesick James comes onto the stage. He explains straight-tuning versus cross-G tuning and plays some riffs.

15:59Copy video clip URL Homesick begins to play a song in cross-G tuning.

18:24Copy video clip URL He finishes playing and then shows how to D tune. Dolins asks about Robert Johnson and developing his style. 

19:55Copy video clip URL He plays another song in D tuning.

23:33Copy video clip URL Honeyboy and Floyd join Homesick on stage. Dolins opens up the event to audience questions. They show the crowd. Honeyboy explains why they use finger picks to “make a clear tone.” 

25:00Copy video clip URL Honeyboy talks about when they “would break off a bottleneck and make it a slide” to get a clear tone as well. Dolins asks if they know about how Portuguese sailors used a slide technique as well–Floyd jokes that was “a little before his time.”

26:39Copy video clip URL They all perform with Honeyboy and Homesick on guitars. 

29:22Copy video clip URL Homesick plays a short riff to start performing “Sweet Home Chicago.”

31:30Copy video clip URL Dolins introduces a recording of a song by Papa Charlie Jackson. The song plays over video of the three men sitting together.

33:05Copy video clip URL The music fades out and there is no more audio.

33:17Copy video clip URL Video fades to black. 



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