[Blues 4-26-82 #2: Montgomery + Mama]

Interview with musicians Erwin Helfer, Estelle Yancey, and Eurreal Montgomery.

[Continuation of Tape 19411] 

00:01Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Estelle Yancey and Erwin Helfer in Eurreal Montgomery’s home. Montgomery sits at the piano. Yancey and Montgomery talk about house parties and the atmosphere of the blues in the 1920’s. They talk about some other musicians they played with and songs that were popular. 

6:10Copy video clip URL Montgomery and Yancey perform a song together. They talk about some of the other songs they performed.

11:30Copy video clip URL They start a new song. They talk about key and perform another song. 

16:15Copy video clip URL The song ends. Montgomery says that he has been playing piano for 71 years. He asks about his piano career within Chicago. Yancey and Montgomery talk about integration within the union. 

18:32Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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