[Blues 3/25/82]

Onstage discussion with blues musicians Erwin 'Half Pint' Helfer and Eurreal 'Little Brother' Montgomery.

00:04Copy video clip URL Camera opens on a concert poster: “Classic Blues Featuring: Eurreal ‘Little Brother’ Montgomery, Estella ‘Mama’ Yancey, and Erwin ‘Half Pint’ Helfer.” Music Playing. “Chicago Blues Urban Experience.”

00:27Copy video clip URL The host, Barry Dolins, comes onstage. Helfer sits in front of a piano onstage. Dolins talks about piano players that were playing at the time on the South Side, and those who were able to record. He introduces Helfer. Helfer speaks about becoming interesting in the Blues and finding people on the South Side to help him learn to play piano. He mentions some of the musicians he used to listen to or associate with. He mentions that he also lived in New Orleans for four years, where he also met with and listened to local musicians. 

4:05Copy video clip URL He begins to play “The Dirty Dozens.”

7:44Copy video clip URL He finishes his first song and talks about its origins. He plays a new song. They talk about what key of this genre of song usually is. He breaks down the song a bit. He says he’ll play one of his songs called “Within” based on a more quiet and introspective style. He plays. 

14:30Copy video clip URL Song ends. Helfer talks about Pete Welding, a blues producer, and the influence he had on the music scene. He talks about their relationship. They talk about the hub of this music being on the South Side, and their interactions with the University of Chicago. Helfer leaves the stage.

18:20Copy video clip URL Montgomery is introduced and brought onstage. They give him a microphone. Dolins asks him to speak about traveling around the Mississippi area and playing. He says that he has been playing since he was very young, and speaks about the kinds of venues they played. 

21:00Copy video clip URL Montgomery plays a song.

25:01Copy video clip URL Song ends. He begins another song. 

29:29Copy video clip URL Song ends. He talks with the host about different kinds of bass songs. He plays again briefly. He talks about playing in the early 1920’s. He plays a new song.

37:03Copy video clip URL Song ends. They talk briefly about places they played or hung out. He plays another song.

42:10Copy video clip URL Tape ends. He talks about meeting Helfer and playing with him. He talks about playing in different time signatures and “breaking time.” He plays again.

44:40Copy video clip URL He finishes the song and stands up to applause. Helfer returns onstage and the two stand together. Cut to black. 

45:59Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 



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