[Blues 4/15/82 #1]

Onstage discussion with blues musicians Albert Luandrew AKA Sunnyland Slim and Dave and Louis Myers.

00:02Copy video clip URL Color bars.

0:37Copy video clip URL Titles: “Albert Luandrew AKA Sunnyland Slim.” “Chicago Blues Urban Experience.”

00:58Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Luandrew sitting onstage at a piano with the host, Barry Dolins. He talks about living in the South and his family. He describes learning to play piano. He says that he fell in love with the blues. He talks about moving around the South and meeting new musicians that helped him to develop his playing style. He speaks more specifically about some musicians he knew.

9:40Copy video clip URL Dolins asks him to play a song. Footage of him playing and singing. They talk briefly about the style of the song. He talks about moving up to Chicago to play. He talks about where he lived and musicians he played with, including Honeyboy Edwards. They talk about his music being played on the radio.

23:44Copy video clip URL He plays another brief song. He talks about other musicians that played in that style. He talks about traveling around the city and playing at different venues. 

31:46Copy video clip URL He plays a final song. The song ends, and they bring on another musician to play with Luandrew. S.P. Leary comes to play drums, and the host has him talk about learning to play and his playing of a backbeat. They play a short song. 

38:09Copy video clip URL Dolins brings on two more musicians, Dave and Louis Myers. They come onstage and prepare to play guitar. Dolins asks them when they came to Chicago as they set up, and says that they are trying to recreate the sound of the 40’s. They tune their instruments.

42:00Copy video clip URL The two guitarists begin playing. They talk about playing at house parties all over the city. They play again. Fade to black. 

53:30Copy video clip URL Tape ends. 

[Continued in Tape 19708].



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