[Blues 4/15/82 #2]

Onstage discussion with blues musicians Albert Luandrew AKA Sunnyland Slim, Dave and Lewis Meyers, and Steve Froine.

[Continuation of Tape 19707].

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars. Camera opens Dave and Louis Myers on bass and guitar and S.P. Leary on drums. The host, Barry Dolins, briefly asks about the transition Dave Myers had to make from the 6-string guitar to a bass. The two brothers play a song.

5:03Copy video clip URL Song ends. Dolins invites out Marcus Johnson to play saxophone. He comes onstage and speaks briefly about meeting the Myers brothers. The host asks them to play some post-war blues from around 1956. They play a song together. 

15:30Copy video clip URL The song ends. He speaks with the host about the influence of the tenor saxophone. Johnson lists three of his main influences as a saxophone player and his eventual interest in blues music. 

19:15Copy video clip URL Dolins brings back out Sunnyland Slim (Albert Luandrew) to play piano. They play another song all together. 

23:38Copy video clip URL The song ends and they talk about the style of the song. When the song ends, Louis Myers speaks about finger picking. They play another song.

38:20Copy video clip URL Song ends. They invite Steve Freund, a younger musician, to come onstage and play guitar. They play a song. 

46:48Copy video clip URL Fade to black.

47:00Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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