[Blues 4-26-82 #1: Montgomery + Mama]

Interview with musicians Erwin Helfer and Estelle Yancey.

00:08Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Erwin Helfer and Estelle Yancey sitting in Eurreal Montgomery’s home. The camera person asks about how they began playing together. Yancey describes their meeting when Helfer was 17. She describes their first performance together in Indianapolis. The host asks how long Helfer had been playing at the time, and they reply that he had just started playing. Yancey describes their onstage relationship. 

4:30Copy video clip URL The interviewer asks them to play a song. Helfer plays the piano and Yancey sings. They perform the song, “Pallet on the Floor.” They continue to play two more songs. 

17:31Copy video clip URL Cut to black.

18:17Copy video clip URL Tape ends.

[Continued in Tape 19412]



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