Blues And More, 1/22/94

Blues man Pervis Spann hosts his absurdist comedy show, which also features music videos from blues and R&B artists.

0:18Copy video clip URL Bars and tone.

1:10Copy video clip URL “Showcase Chicago” titles

1:27Copy video clip URL Commercial for “Take a bite out of crime”

1:37Copy video clip URL N’Digo Magazine commercial

2:25Copy video clip URL Chicago Independent Bulletin commercial

2:55Copy video clip URL WBEE AM 1570 commercial

3:25Copy video clip URL Blues & More with Pervis Spann titles

3:52Copy video clip URL Pervis Spann introduces show and co-host Reverend Carl White. He introduces “Chicago’s finest satirist” Herb?. They reminisce about a show Herb did with Barry White. Herb talks about working with B.B. King, and Pervis and Herb reminisce about a night on the road. They talk about Rever end Wright and his one handicapped male parishioner. Herb says, “I used to preach for awhile, but I went back to pimpin’. I couldn’t wait 7 days for that change.” Pervis introduces a piece by Toni Braxton with Babyface.

11:35Copy video clip URL Babyface and Toni Braxton video “Give You My Heart.”

15:10Copy video clip URL Herb and Pervis discuss Toni Braxton’s beauty, and go to commercial.

15:45Copy video clip URL Sportsman’s Inn commercial

16:15Copy video clip URL Collins Bros. Exterminating Supplies commercial

16:48Copy video clip URL Bo Diddley’s Bar-B-Q and mini-mart commercial

17:20Copy video clip URL Pervis Spann asks Herb about outstanding shows he’s done. He talks about the Copacabana with Al Green, and another show in Oakland with Al Green and Ella Fitzgerald, in front of 85,000 people. Herb says stand-up comedy is harder than just poking fun at something.

20:15Copy video clip URL Johnny Taylor “Who’s Making Love To Your Old Lady” live video

22:35Copy video clip URL Pervis says “Johnny Taylor’s got to be one of the greatest singers in the world today.” Herb makes joke about John Bobbit. They talk about Memphis and some musicians, including Joe Legunn, Otis Clay, and Willie Clayton. They discuss an upcoming awards show to keep the blues alive.

27:42Copy video clip URL The Ritz Hotel commercial.

30:13Copy video clip URL Mario’s Butcher Shop and Food Center commercial

31:15Copy video clip URL LaTee’s Hair Design commercial

31:44Copy video clip URL Pervis talks about buses going into Memphis while the Pastor arrives with a couple young ladies. The Reverend counts cash on camera while whispering to one of the girls. The Reverend says the ladies are his deacons. They joke about the Reverend “blessing” the deacons.

35:05Copy video clip URL Pervis introduces video: After Seven “Can’t Stop.”

39:00Copy video clip URL Pervis says he’d like to “address the Deacon board after seven.”

39:42Copy video clip URL commercial for Adele, a psychic

40:07Copy video clip URL Sportsman’s Inn commercial

40:42Copy video clip URL Big O Movers commercial

41:07Copy video clip URL Hopkins Food commercial

41:42Copy video clip URL Star Planet TV commercial

42:39Copy video clip URL Melanie Spann does a commercial for WVON AM radio

43:10Copy video clip URL La’pel Store for Men commercial

44:10Copy video clip URL Westside Floor Covering commercial

44:40Copy video clip URL More joking about the next Deacon Board Meeting. Deacon Cat and Deacon Kitty introduce themselves. The Reverend jokes about training the Deacons. The Reverend talks about setting up th e drive-by offering set-up.

51:00Copy video clip URL Video of live performance by Bobby Blue Bland – “This Time I’m Gone For Good.”

52:35Copy video clip URL The Reverend continues his antics as Pervis continues to flirt with the “Deacons.” There is a joke about how the Reverend’s church is integrated.

58:05Copy video clip URL Credits.

59:00Copy video clip URL Promo for “Straight Talk.”

59:30Copy video clip URL Chicago Independent Bulletin Ad.

1:00:00Copy video clip URL United Negro College Fund Ad.

1:01:00Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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