Blues And More

Blues man Pervis Spann hosts his absurdist comedy show, which also features music videos from blues and R & B artists. Music videos and timecodes are listed below. Note: the tape ends in the middle of the program.

0:00Copy video clip URL We see the end of an African-American talk show, Straight Talk, hosted by W.L. Lillard. A panel of four women talk about the state of the Chicago public schools in low income areas.

4:42Copy video clip URL Commercials.

9:01Copy video clip URL Blues and More with Pervis Spann. Reverend Carl Wright joins Spann on the show. Today they talk about Wright’s “church,” contemporary rap music, the future stars of blues music, and James Brown.

15:54Copy video clip URL Music video for the song “Running In and Out of My Life” by Tyrone Davis.

28:35Copy video clip URL Music video for the song “Give You My Heart” by Babyface and Toni Braxton.

40:17Copy video clip URL Music video for the song “Living in America” by James Brown. Featuring Dolph Lundgren and Carl Weathers sparring onstage.

1:00:46Copy video clip URL Unidentified music video.


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