The first half of the tape is explanatory, then the second half is more like a movie trailer. This tape is advertising the video game, but the creation of the real thing is the ultimate goal for the future.

00:10Copy video clip URL Promo for Bluestar, a think tank in space where humans and dolphins live and work together, begins. “The year is 2025.” The tape goes on to describe the functions of Bluestar.

01:20Copy video clip URL Footage of actual astronauts experimenting with water droplets in space. Explains how the dolphins will live in space.

01:43Copy video clip URL Interview with Doug Michels, Space Architect, talking about water in space and other technologies.

02:38Copy video clip URL Bluestar is explained to be a CD-ROM game. From here the focus shifts to the creation of the video game, beginning with a dream of director¬†Joe Cortina’s.

03:58Copy video clip URL “Today Bluestar is a video game… tomorrow, who knows?”

04:08Copy video clip URL Second half of tape. More like a movie trailer. Seems to be narrated by a dolphin.

07:37Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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