[Venice Beach Boardwalk]

This is a video by Judith Binder of the Los Angeles Venice Beach Boardwalk and the people on it in the 90s.

0:00Copy video clip URL Several shots blur in and out of focus with static appearing between them. A man on a bicycle can be seen. Binder, the filmmaker, tracks the movement of the man as he sorts through garbage cans. The video and audio are very poor quality at this point.

1:15Copy video clip URL Binder begins talking with two people on a park bench they are apparently natives of Venice Beach. Binder returns to talking to the man who’s riding the bicycle and looking in trash cans, he says he’s been on the beach for 40 years.

4:56Copy video clip URL Binder briefly films an artist, then a man selling fake severed hands that move, then a hair stylist. She continues down the beach.

7:19Copy video clip URL Footage begins of a man who is about to begin a dance performance of some sort. He brings a woman from the crowd to help him out, she returns to the crowd and then he begins to dance to a tape on his stereo.

14:19Copy video clip URL Binder moves on down the beach filming a small cadre of men who are chatting with one another. She continues walking and talking with different people. She spends a good amount of time talking with a man who can make his voice sound like it’s echoing. Binder then talks with a man who says his name is OK.

22:58Copy video clip URL Moving on Binder films a man painting and then two tourists visiting Los Angeles. She continues down the boardwalk talking with various people.

29:14Copy video clip URL Binder films a woman with several puppies around her and then continues on her way.

34:48Copy video clip URL Brief static resolves into a shot of a clothing shop.

40:05Copy video clip URL Binder chats with a man who has painted his face as a clown. He makes her a balloon animal. They chat for a bit about his life. She then goes on to talk to someone who seems to recognize Binder. Binder continues down the Boardwalk and speaks with an ex-convict who talks about everyone dying in the 90s.

50:03Copy video clip URL Video turns to static for a few minutes.

52:36Copy video clip URL There is a brief shot of a living room before the video cuts out.

52:54Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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