[Boxing at Fuller Park]

Ben Hollis interviews boxers training at Fuller Park in Chicago at 46th and Princeton.

0:04Copy video clip URL Color bars.

0:40Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Ben from “Ben Loves Chicago” in Fuller Park talking about the boxing that occurs in Fuller Park Fieldhouse. He talks to several of the employees in the parking lot. Footage of the facility. A man describes what happens in the gym, and points out some of the boxers and employees. 

4:30Copy video clip URL One of the coaches talks about his days as a boxer. He demonstrates some tap moves that helped his footwork as a boxer. 

7:55Copy video clip URL He talks to a professional boxer about his experience and record. He speaks to another coach about his history. Footage of some of the men training. 

12:50Copy video clip URL He speaks to two men who are there to watch the boxers. He asks them who they think is the best boxer of all time and about Mike Tyson. Footage of them training. Ben punches a punching bag. 

19:00Copy video clip URL One man explains some of the equipment and then speaks about why he became a trainer. Ben pretends to spar in the ring. Footage of the mean sparring.

28:50Copy video clip URL They talk about some of the famous boxers that have trained there. More footage of boxers training.

32:25Copy video clip URL He talks to another boxer about his training. Footage of training. He talks to a 17 year old boxer. He asks an older man how boxing has changed over time. Footage of training.

48:30Copy video clip URL Ben films some intro sequences. Footage of boxers training. Ben pretends to spar. Footage of the boxers. He speaks to a couple more people about their involvement. “Black Moses” talks about his influence on the boxers. They give the phone number for the gym. Ben thanks everyone for talking with him.

1:00:48Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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