[Broken Assemble Edit #1 (Chicago Politics: A Theater of Power 1987)]

0:01Copy video clip URL Color bars. 

11:57Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Richard M. Daley speaking about his father, Richard J. Daley. Video cuts after a few seconds. Opens on Studs Terkel speaking about Richard J. Daley and an appointment he made. Cut to another man speaking about what it was like to be around Richard J. Daley.

7:05Copy video clip URL Footage of people at various campaign rallies, speaking about Jesse Jackson and Jane Byrne. Richard M. Daley’s voice as he announces his intention to run for mayor. 

9:55Copy video clip URL Man dressed as neptune on a police boat; he speaks to a crowd. Interspersed with old footage. Richard M. Daley speaking. Jackson’s voice denouncing the Daley family and speaking about the campaign. Byrne at a Christmas parade.

19:43Copy video clip URL Terkel speaks to a crowd about the theater of Chicago politics. Man singing before Harold Washington speaks. Byrne speaks about one of her visits to Cabrini Green. Woman speaks in support of Washington.

28:12Copy video clip URL Washington speaks about the comments made by Edward Vrdolyak. Washington and Jackson speaking after Washington has won the nomination. Cut to brief clips of various events. Back to Washington speaking to the media. A man talks about the role of theater in politics.

36:50Copy video clip URL Washington being sworn in as Mayor. 

38:56Copy video clip URL Comedian does a bit about the campaigns. Parade in Chicago. Byrne speaks. 

48:40Copy video clip URL Footage of racist protestors against Washington. Washington speaking interspersed with footage of the protestors.

59:02Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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