[Broken Assemble Edit #2 (Chicago Politics: A Theater of Power 1987)]

0:00Copy video clip URL Color bars.

2:19Copy video clip URL Camera opens on Harold Washington being photographed by the press in disjointed, brief clips.

3:33Copy video clip URL Jane Byrne shakes hands with a crowd of people on the street.

4:05Copy video clip URL A man reads a storybook to a group of children. Footage of a building. People handing out information about AIDS on the street. Dr. Robert Moon speaks about a new type of energy. A man sings opera on the street.

6:54Copy video clip URL A man outside of City Hall speaks about a candidate that was removed from the Republican ticket for mayor. One candidate comments that three of the five candidates for mayor are not receiving media attention. Man reading the story book. Candidate Don Haider rides an elephant. Washington speaks to the press, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and that his political opponents would “drop dead.”

10:40Copy video clip URL Washington cuts a large cake at a celebratory event for the Picasso sculpture. He speaks to the press. A man speaks about the effect of TV on campaigns. B-roll footage of press and the candidates. Byrne eating french fries in a restaurant. Man speaks about Byrne’s strengths and weaknesses. Byrne speaks in couple different venues and to different groups of people.

24:50Copy video clip URL Byrne is booed at an event. People from the audience berate Washington and ask questions after Byrne speaks. Brief clips of the different candidates at various campaign events and speaking with the press. Press conference topics include race, violence, and jobs.

44:50Copy video clip URL Video freezes.

46:04Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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