[Brownies Can Do Anything]

A meeting for women who have volunteered to lead girl scouts meeting.

00:00Copy video clip URL No image, blowing on the microphone. 

00:09Copy video clip URL Camera set-up. 

01:09Copy video clip URL Girl Scouts of the USA: Brownies Can Do Anything poster. 

01:57Copy video clip URL A friendly meeting of adult women about the girl scouts. They introduce themselves. Some sound distortion. Not fully audible.

09:05Copy video clip URL Discussion of the girl scouts. 

12:35Copy video clip URL A diagram explaining the aims of the girl scouts, i.e. “Deepening her awareness of herself as a unique person of worth.”  

14:00Copy video clip URL More explanation of the girl scouts’ aims. 

16:05Copy video clip URL Onscreen sign: “The Promise – On my honor, I will try to serve god, my country, and mankind, and to live by the girl scout law. More discussions of girl scout philosophy and the goals of the group. 

21:16Copy video clip URL A group activity and discussion.

25:47Copy video clip URL A songbook and a cassette teaching songs to girls. The first song is a religious one. 

29:15Copy video clip URL They rehearse the song. 



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