Bruiser #3

00:00Copy video clip URL This is the continuation of an interview with professional wrestler Dick The Bruiser.

00:53Copy video clip URL Shots of “Dick the Bruiser” paraphernalia. He has a wall of photos, including of racecar drivers and of the 1954 Green Bay Packers. He  used to own horses and German shepherds. He now owns miniature dachshunds. He also once owned a billy goat.

04:25Copy video clip URL He talks about being in the movie “The Wrestler” with Ed Asner.

05:10Copy video clip URL He has a bar in his house. He claims he never drinks, then he claims that’s a lie.

05:34Copy video clip URL He shows the famous picture that was on the walls of the Marigold.

06:18Copy video clip URL Cuts to footage of a commercial for a Detroit station that Dick The Bruiser and other athletes and stars were in.

07:57Copy video clip URL He’s a deputy sherrif in the state of Indiana and drives a black and white El Dorado. He says his real name is Dick Afflis, a Greek name that his family adopted in order to avoid getting abused during the first world war for having a German name.

10:04Copy video clip URL He has phones in all his cars because he’s on the road so much.

11:24Copy video clip URL He has five miniature dachshunds. He says the neighbors don’t like it, but he has a very deadpan sense of humor.

12:41Copy video clip URL He likes making commercials.

15:38Copy video clip URL He shows off a raccoon he caught in the woods.

16:37Copy video clip URL He shows his guest house and Pierre, a dachshund/poodle.

19:10Copy video clip URL More of Dick the Bruiser’s house. A doll and stuffed animal collection for the granddaughter. A heart-shaped bath.

21:00Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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