Bruiser #4

00:00Copy video clip URL The final video in a series of b-roll and interview footage taken of Dick The Bruiser for “Once A Star.”

01:08Copy video clip URL Dick the Bruiser says they called people turkey-necks who had narrow necks. He talks about his special hold.

02:35Copy video clip URL He discusses the difference between the Bruiser persona and Dick Afflis. He responds sarcastically to Tom Weinberg’s question about the difference. He says he’s polite to people who don’t irritate him, but if people get on his nerves, “then you’re gonna get kicked out on your nose.”

04:11Copy video clip URL “I’ve done everything; I just repeat.”

05:14Copy video clip URL He talks about growing up in various towns and cities in Indiana. He loves Indianapolis.

06:47Copy video clip URL B-roll footage of Dick The Bruiser sitting by his pool, reading the paper, and doing business by handheld phone.

08:30Copy video clip URL They talk for a while with Dick’s wife. She says Dick is good to the grandchildren. She says she loves wrestling, but she doesn’t like to watch Dick get hurt.

10:19Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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