Bulls-Sox Underground Show

Interview with Jerry Reinsdorf.

00:10Copy video clip URL Frank Thomas introduces himself and the show, Bulls-Sox Underground. The narrator of the show says that the South side team has had an active offseason, introducing the White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf. Reinsdorf speaks about a potential trade for Frank Thomas. The narrator then introduces another upcoming segment, a look inside the White Sox Christmas party.

01:10Copy video clip URL Tom Waddle introduces himself as the host of Bulls-Sox Underground. He introduces the first segment of the show, an interview with White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf.

01:45Copy video clip URL Jerry Reinsdorf discusses what Waddle calls the “youth movement” within the White Sox organization. He notes that he’s excited about this part of the cycle of the baseball club, and recalls the last time they went through this sort of transition, and the result which they achieved then.

03:45Copy video clip URL Reinsdorf analyzes the decisions that have bene made in the past couple years — and the positive results that they’ve brought.

04:40Copy video clip URL “We’re gonna do in the next few years what did before,” Reinsdorf concludes.

05:00Copy video clip URL Frank Thomas, Reinsdorf says, is the player he’s most excited about watching play. He also credits his team for being versatile and for being deep with talent. “It’s greater than the sum of its parts,” Reinsdorf says.

05:50Copy video clip URL Speaking about the possibility of trading Frank Thomas, Reinsdorf says that he would only take a home run offer. Reinsdorf goes on to say that he has spoken with Thomas himself about the situation, and that the prospect of a trade is far off.

07:30Copy video clip URL Waddle inquires with Reinsdorf about expectations for the coming season. He says that he sees his team as being one that “plays hard every game,” and ideally one that can challenge for the division title.

08:38Copy video clip URL Reinsdorf explores the sentiment that fans did not seem to empathize with players in the past several seasons, until the past season. He says that he was very pleased with the shift, and even payed out bonuses to several players who he felt did an exemplary job.

09:45Copy video clip URL Reinsdorf evaluates the performance of his rookie manager Jerry Emmanuel, emphasizing that Emmanuel helped all the players to play harder.

11:00Copy video clip URL Speaking about the economics of baseball, Reinsdorf explores the emerging divide between teams with deep resources and teams without. “You don’t guarantee you’re going to win” by spending money, Reinsdorf says, “but if you don’t spend then you’re not going to win.” He says that the White Sox are willing to spend, and notes that the large market of Chicago represents a significant source of revenue which the White Sox hope to tap into.

12:05Copy video clip URL Reinsdorf says that losing a serious amount of money is the only way for small-market teams to compete at the highest level, and that many don’t. He expresses disappointment in the current state of the MLB where this is the reality.

12:40Copy video clip URL The Bulls-Sox Underground title plays, and the tape fades to black.

13:41Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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