Bulls Win! Clark and Fullerton

Footage from the streets of Chicago in 1991 when the Chicago Bulls won their first national championship.

0:00Copy video clip URL Footage of people on the corner of Clark and Fullerton yelling and honking from excitement. Camera gets close-up of poster showing the Bulls championship team.

1:57Copy video clip URL Inside a bar, fans watch the players talk to reporters on television. Channel 5 shows more of the excitement on the streets.

4:27Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg takes video of himself in a bathroom mirror.

5:25Copy video clip URL More footage of cars honking outside. A man leans out his car window: “I’m on tv!” Another man runs down the street and gives high fives to people driving by

6:10Copy video clip URL A fan decked out in Bulls gear shows off her earrings. Passerby yell into the camera. Another fan shows off his Bulls shorts.

8:10Copy video clip URL “We’re the best in the NBA! Number one!” Other fans join in.

9:42Copy video clip URL A couple pass by looking awfully confused at all of the honking and yelling.

11:43Copy video clip URL Weinberg talks to a group driving by. A young man continues to yell “number one!” and holds up his hands.

12:45Copy video clip URL A man sits on top of a traffic light, and is joined by another. More footage of fans on the street.

15:23Copy video clip URL The man climbs down from the traffic light, and two people stand on top of a car while it drives down the street.

21:18Copy video clip URL An especially excited group pulls up in a convertible and shakes hands with some of the men on the sidewalk.

23:00Copy video clip URL More groups in convertibles drive by. A woman tries to get people on the bus to give her high fives.

23:26Copy video clip URL The UCPD comes through the street on their way to an emergency.

24:40Copy video clip URL Two girls walk by: “We love the Bulls! They’re the greatest team ever!”

25:43Copy video clip URL Close-up of an out-dated paper.

26:13Copy video clip URL Another man is now on the traffic light.

28:58Copy video clip URL Weinberg is inside on the phone.

29:37 Bonus home video footage of Weinberg’s daily life.



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