Burn Burn Burn

A short comedy about a brother and sister who set their house on fire, followed by a lengthy marching/twirling practice.

00:17Copy video clip URL Over a melodramatic soundtrack, the credits are written out by hand on paper: “Burn Burn Burn Staring C. Jones, M. Mullins, J. Miley. Camera: L. Mullins.” The hand crumples the paper. 

01:16Copy video clip URL People scream! Fire burns in front of them. The hands uncrumple the paper and write “And here we go” and underlines it. The camera zooms in to the paper. 

01:50Copy video clip URL With heavy Kentucky accents, two young people talk about how bored they are. They play with gasoline and matches and set the house on fire. “Oh my god the house is on fire! Meg! All because of you and your gasoline!” “How ’bout your matches!”

03:08Copy video clip URL “Oh no! My parents are away for a whole year and our house is on fire. Hey! I got an idea!” “Hey what is it?” “We can call a firetruck!” “We don’t have a phone!” “Oh.” “I know what we can do. Call Bionic Midget. Bionic Midget!!!” A teen in a cape with a feathered hat immediately appears outside their window but runs into the glass. He solves the problem of the falling roof by using the sister to pound it back up. He leads them up to the roof to escape the “towering inferno.” They test whether it’s too high to jump by throwing the sister off. Then they notice the house isn’t on fire anymore and go back inside. 

05:08Copy video clip URL The hands return, uncrumple the paper again, and write “The End!” on the outside of their left hand. 

05:40Copy video clip URL A kid in shorts practices a drill team routine, marching around their back yard and twirling a wooden gun. 

07:23Copy video clip URL The routine continues, now with a brief commentary. “You always start there you stupid dumbshit!” “Late!” He continues twirling and marching. 

17:55Copy video clip URL A dance/twirling routine. 

22:54Copy video clip URL a dance with an umbrella. 

27:08Copy video clip URL A dance with maracas. 

27:55Copy video clip URL Dancing with/on a “Welcome” flag. 

31:15Copy video clip URL After a big finale, the end of the routine. 



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