[Bush make-up – Test the West – Straight talk- Women of the Georgian Hotel]

This tape has four segments entitled, Bush Make-up, Test the West, Straight Talk, Women of the Georgian Hotel.

0:00Copy video clip URL Color bars.

1:14Copy video clip URL Segment 1: “Bush Make-up”.  We watch a man in a public bathroom transform himself into George Bush, Sr. He puts on make-up, adds an accent, and gives himself the “concerned president” look. Glasses are the final touch, and we get a brief impression with the complete “George.”

3:40Copy video clip URL Segment 2: “Test the West” by Simone Shoemaker. East German Simone Shoemaker translates a letter she received from the Embassy of the German Democratic Republic stating that the government of her country no longer exists.

4:24Copy video clip URL Two men replace an old billboard picture with pictures of happy people  smoking West brand cigarettes and a statement: “Test the West.”

5:02Copy video clip URL Shoemaker tells about how rapidly the government of East Germany fell apart. She gives a brief history of East Germany and tells us how the people of the country are adjusting to the change. She says it hasn’t been easy going from socialism to western ways of life. The people had a lot of money they didn’t have to work so hard for, and now they’re suddenly losing jobs, facing competition they didn’t know.

7:40Copy video clip URL Shoemaker interviews two women and a man as they try Burger King Whoppers for the first time ever. One woman says she could never see eating such a thing for dinner every night.

8:53Copy video clip URL Shoemaker voice over. In gaining new freedom, East Germans seem to have lost a sense of what is good and healthy. Educational magazines have been replaced by pornography. People are getting sick of the advertisements everywhere. Tells about how upsetting it was to see markets in Berlin selling hats and badges of East German officers. They’re not history like the Wall is history. “They were never even tried for their crimes, they just took their hats off and disappeared into the crowd.”

11:06Copy video clip URL Shots of the East Berlin side of the wall that wasn’t sold to tourists. Many interesting murals and paintings made by artists after the revolution.

12:43Copy video clip URL Shoemaker voice over.  East Germans are different than West Germans, and it’s taking time to adjust. Despite problems, people are hopeful.

13:32Copy video clip URL Shoemaker interviews a man who says he’d never want to go back to the old system despite the problems he now faces.

13:54Copy video clip URL Shoemaker interviews a woman who laughingly says she still would have had children if she had known the changing conditions would cause such difficulties with jobs and everything. Credits, “Test the West: Metamorphosis in East Germany,” by Simone Shoemaker.

14:30Copy video clip URL Segment 3: “Straight Talk,” directed by Robbie Leppzer. Slow motion shots of young girls and young men. Helicopter flies in over palms.

15:31Copy video clip URL Voice over explaining the Veterans Education Project, a group formed by former Vietnam Vets to counteract military recruiting by educating youth about what it’s really like to be in war.

16:15Copy video clip URL Thom Masterson tells about the millions the military spends on marketing and advertising for recruitment and the wrong message it sends kids.  “It’s quite different to jump out of a helicopter into a highschool football field than it is to jump into a rice paddy with a hundred guys shooting at you. But that’s not the message that these kids get.”

17:10Copy video clip URL Excited high school kids crowd around a helicopter outside of their school and speak to recruiting officer.

17:37Copy video clip URL Kids eat popcorn and watch military advertisements on tv.

18:22Copy video clip URL Vets talk about wanting to tell their honest experiences from their hearts to kids.

18:43Copy video clip URL Thom speaks to a class of high school students about having joined the Marines when he was 18 to become a “Man,” only to find out that what they really wanted was men to  supress their own personalities and become unquestioning cogs in the machine.

20:13Copy video clip URL Jerry Lund. He thinks it’s important for kids to see that even though Vietnam was before their time, what the vets went through is relevant because War is the same always.

20:41Copy video clip URL Al Milller tells a high school class the story of how his best friend was killed beside him in combat in Vietnam.

23:14Copy video clip URL Miller talks about how going to the Vietnam Memorial was a very emotional experience for him. He begins to cry. “I had to look up Daniel’s name, and I had never dealt with this 20 year old thing inside my heart.”

23:48Copy video clip URL Miller answers question from class member about his right ear being shot off.

24:12Copy video clip URL VO with Thom talking about hearing the “little guy’s” version of war, in order to counter the image received from the great leaders about war being a worthwhile endeavor.

25:19Copy video clip URL Segment 4: “Women of the Georgian Hotel.” “Rose came to us and said ‘I want to film you folks, because you’re old and know the secrets of life’…so we told her everything we know!”

25:33Copy video clip URL A group the women talk about their diets.

26:19Copy video clip URL Woman #1 talks about praying early every morning and how she changes outfits for each meal.

27:12Copy video clip URL At restaurant with the filmmaker saying she always eats alone. “That’s what I like, I do what I like.”

27:33Copy video clip URL Woman #2 talks about taking walks.  “I walk the streets and hand bananas out in order to talk to people…and that’s how I became a streetwalker at 92.”

27:55Copy video clip URL Woman #1, “I’m a very happy lady, and I’m never lonely.”She talks about how she doesn’t like receiving mail because she always has to respond.

28:24Copy video clip URL Woman #2 says she only gives advice when asked. She says she isn’t afraid of dying. Laughing: “He isn’t ready for me yet. He doesn’t want to put up  with me yet.” Nice shots of laughing women.

29:48Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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