[Cabrini Green tutoring program]

Raw footage and interviews with students in the Cabrini Green neighborhood of Chicago and their tutors from a program sponsored by Wheaton College.

00:00Copy video clip URL Opening shot of kids in a classroom, some doing homework while others socialize, sing, and hang out. Even though it seems difficult to concentrate on the work with so much noise going on, they seem to stay focused.

02:55Copy video clip URL Shots of adult tutors helping the kids with their work.

23:15Copy video clip URL A boy with a high top fade does a rap about staying in school. He goes on to praise the tutoring program.

26:00Copy video clip URL Interview with Mary Jacobson, who is in her first year of tutoring. She reports that she is from California and is in Chicago for only one semester. She says that she wants to be a high school teacher, and she got involved because she wants some experience working with kids that age.

28:25Copy video clip URL Interview with Chris Petty, who is a Junior Political Science major at Wheaton College. She says she tutors because she has made some friends there, that she’s really enjoyed being in the city, and that she feels she has a responsibility to go there and help out and that she’s learned a lot, as well. She says that she has learned so much about how people live in the inner city, but also that human problems are universal.

31:06Copy video clip URL Interview with Chris Easley, a volunteer from inner city St. Louis and freshman at Wheaton College. He explains that he wants to give back and that he also does this as a result of his Christian faith.

32:55Copy video clip URL Another volunteer explains why there are not many black tutors coming from Wheaton College. She says that black tutors are important role models for the kids.

34:00Copy video clip URL Chris talks about the self esteem of blacks in the inner city, which is a result of their status in society.

35:05Copy video clip URL The woman explains that middle Black America doesn’t get involved in giving back to the community because once they “get out” they forget and focus on maintaining their status.

36:20Copy video clip URL Chris agrees and tells about an article that he read about why there aren’t more Blacks helping Blacks. He says he’s tired of the Black stereotype, noting that he doesn’t fit the stereotype, and that there’s much more diversity among Black people.

38:49Copy video clip URL The other volunteer tells about another ministry where she tutors elementary school children, explaining that you need to “nip problems in the bud” at that point. Her goal is to teach these children that they can be successful and to share her Christian faith with them, as well.

40:21Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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