[Cam Today, January 16th, 1985]

Carol Marin Reports on NBC News

0:20Copy video clip URL The video begins with NBC News today. Bryant Gumbel and Jane Pauley. Carol Marin is introduced. Who is temporarily replacing Jane Pauley.

0:50Copy video clip URL Carol Marin then shares a report on contaminated foods. Pesticides have been found. In various foods in 15 states. Carol Marin interviews EPA Administrator.

1:43Copy video clip URL Carol then transitions to the next report. On the effectiveness of the Navy. Then John Lehman, Navy Secretary, interviewed. Feedback from the navy on the things going well and not so well.  

5:44Copy video clip URL Report on nuns in Chicago. They serve the poor of Chicago’s west side. 

6:15Copy video clip URL Video of church service. Singing heard in background. Sisters have gone to work feeding the hungry. Giving shelter to the homeless. People from the west side come to St. Malachy’s for help. 

7:45Copy video clip URL Father of the church interviewed. 

9:36Copy video clip URL Then, a report on the Feminist Movement. Susan BrownMiller, Feminist and author of Femininity interviewed. She discusses Femininity vs Femaleness, and limitations.

13:52Copy video clip URL Political reporter Carol Marin shares a new story. Then covers candidates in a political campaign. Gary Hart vs Jessy Jackson. In New Hampshire, students respond by starting a fire. 

16:00Copy video clip URL Candidate Jessy Jackson is then interviewed.

18:19Copy video clip URL A compilation of Carol Marin. Updating on political campaign results in various states.

23:28Copy video clip URL [End of Video].



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