[Camcorder Tonight tests]

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This tape contains tests for the TV show "Camcorder Tonight".

The beginning of the tape is the very end of a test hosted by Aaron Freeman. This segment ends at 1:52.

After this segment ends another tests begins, this time hosted by Millie Mae, a loudly dressed character with a (mock) southern drawl. Millie Mae’s episode features t he following segments: a New York City cab driver with an anti-television rant, who comments on how stupid “news people” are then cutting to a real life example in which NBC reporter Ed Rabel flubs lines he is trying to memorize for what should appear to be an extemporaneous answer to a question the news anchor will ask him; a piece about a 1960’s TV show, “Varieties”, hosted by Virgil Q. Wacks; a high-strung man on an NYC street ranting about his busy life; women discussing various social and cultural views about menstruation; a type of “music” video for a spoken word piece about girls borrowing boy’s sweaters; a man playing a ukulele signing “What’s That Smell”; “Grab Bag” – featuring “Warm Place Tonight”, a film about a homeless man; and a hemp legalization activist and Wavy Gravy speaking about reforming drug laws. In between each, Mille Mae comments on the previous and upcoming segments. The episode is interrupted by a few seconds of “Wheel of Fortune” at 27:38. This episode ends at


The next episode is a test hosted by Jody Proctor. Segments include: The same New York City cab driver stupid “news people” rant as the Mille Mae test; a video about the Nixon Museum, in which the videomaker (Nancy Cain) is asked not to tape; a segment in which a videomaker talks with a Freemason about Freemasonry in front of the Federal Reserve in Washington D.C.; A short piece by videomaker Andrew Jones about Los Angeles during the 1992 riots, and another about his time at a peace camp in Iraq just prior to the beginning of “Operation Desert Storm”; “Grab Bag” featuring a video about demonstrators at Super Bowl XXVI, protesting the racism of the team name Washington Redskins; a piece about Ruth Handler, the inventor of the Barb ie Doll and breast cancer survivor, who has invented a new breast prosthesis for women who, like herself, have had mastectomies; and a piece by Skip Blumberg, in which he inte rviews a woman walking to work in New York City. In between each, Jody Proctor comments on the previous and upcoming segments. This episode ends at

1:20:33 The next episode is another test with Jody Proctor. It is very similar to the previous episode, except some of the segments are different. This episode features a short except from “Duck and Cover”, a 1950’s educational film in which children are advised to “duck and cover” when they se e the blast from an atom bomb. This episode does not include the Super Bowl XXVI “grab bag” piece. This episode ends at


The final episode on the tape is the “Grab Bag” segment hosted by Aaron Freeman. He pulls an uninteresting tape from a Miami man that contains foreign tourists on a beach in Fort Lauderdale, FL speaking about America. Following this segment is the Andrew Jones L.A. Riots piece that is abruptly cut off by the end of the tape.

The entire tape displays window burned timecode.



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