CamNet, episode 1002

Two hour cable program produced by Nancy Cain and friends in L.A. in the mid-90s.

02:02Copy video clip URL CamNet title card followed by an interview with Larry Lovell at the Bureau of Printing and Engraving in Washington D.C. He discusses the making of American money, followed by footage of money being produced.

07:01Copy video clip URL Ron from Oklahoma talks about seeing the money being made–“I don’t think I could ever spend as much money as I seen them print.” He talks about the impact of printing money on the economy, why he’s in D.C., and Masonry. 

12:55Copy video clip URL CamNet program break with ads.

14:52Copy video clip URL Mike Ruppert, LAPD narcotics detective, discusses Ross Perot. 

15:36Copy video clip URL A follow-up interview with Mike about the news article he told the videographer to investigate.

18:09Copy video clip URL Another follow-up with Mike before a rally for Perot.

18:57Copy video clip URL The videographer interviews rally participants about Perot.

19:33Copy video clip URL Footage of a man playing a ronroco, a 10-string instrument from Bolivia, in the streets in LA. He describes the importance of the instrument and its construction.

22:15Copy video clip URL CamNet program break and ads.

24:13Copy video clip URL Footage in an Altadena, California garden. They discuss the garden, calling it “Eden, the promised land, and hell all tucked into one little ball.”

26:14Copy video clip URL Recording of Roy Gaines and other musicians performing together in LA.

28:30Copy video clip URL Roy Gaines performs solo in a more private location for the videographer. 

31:56Copy video clip URL Roy and the videographer discuss his history singing the blues and his goals as a musician.

34:39Copy video clip URL CamNet program break and ads.

36:38Copy video clip URL Gordon J. Graham, a California highway patrolman, takes the videographer on a ride along. He explains how the job works and the issue of drunk driving. 

39:25Copy video clip URL He pulls over a speeding car. The videographer speaks to the drivers, two young men, about them speeding and they ask her to get them out of the ticket.

43:19Copy video clip URL They get back on the road and he finds a driver weaving in the lanes. He talks more about drunk driving. He pulls over the car and speaks to the driver.

47:59Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

49:58Copy video clip URL Footage in Venice, California about a Krishna parade being protested by Christians. The two groups argue with each other about who the real god is and the Christians signs saying the Krishna supporters are going to hell.

53:33Copy video clip URL The videographer speaks to a Krishna parade participant who explains the significance of what they’re celebrating. He remarks that the Christians are just “bothering [themselves].”

55:28Copy video clip URL More footage of parade festivities.

55:54Copy video clip URL Credits roll over footage of a waterfall.



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