CamNet, episode 1101

Two hour cable program produced by Nancy Cain and friends in L.A. in the mid-90s.

02:02Copy video clip URL CamNet title card followed by footage of an orchestra performing in New York, a boat by the Statue of Liberty, a man painting the skyline, and other onlookers.

03:43Copy video clip URL Protestors at Battery Park chant “USA you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide” against celebrating Columbus on July 4. 

05:19Copy video clip URL Police make the protestors move and try to take their banner. One man is arrested.

08:14Copy video clip URL Three arrested protestors are interviewed. One states that “there’s never been a celebration of the holocaust in Europe. Why would we celebrate the deaths of thousands of Native Americans?”

11:13Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

13:10Copy video clip URL More footage of New York City protestors. People protest the death penalty, Clinton’s election, education, abortion vs. anti-abortion, and the homeless populations.

15:17Copy video clip URL One man remarks that “there must be some more effective way to protest where the political leaders actually hear some of these people. There’s too many of them–it’s a cacophony. No one’s listening.”

17:51Copy video clip URL Beth Lapides remarks how difficult it has been to enter Penn Station for the Democratic convention, even with official passes. She walks around the convention advocating for First Lady to be “an elected position.”

23:38Copy video clip URL Quick montages are shown in between longer clips of convention participants. 

24:42Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

26:38Copy video clip URL Beth Lapides talks directly to the camera about how “lonely” the convention feels and the lack of good food. She also discusses religion and the need for separation of church and state.

30:09Copy video clip URL People at the Perot headquarters in Sherman Oaks, California react to news footage of Perot dropping out of the presidential convention.

32:29Copy video clip URL Mike Ruppert, press liaison for LA county Perot committee, discusses his frustrations about Perot dropping out of the race. 

35:44Copy video clip URL The videographer speaks to another volunteer about why he joined the Perot campaign and how he feels now that he has dropped out.

39:03Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

40:01Copy video clip URL Footage of a man holding a lizard, explaining more about where to find them and how they live.

41:04Copy video clip URL New York City topless dancers ride on the top of a truck. There are more protests occurring around them. One man says “of course it’s illegal, but no one’s given us a ticket yet.” Another woman remarks that “it’s unfortunate that the patriarchy’s construction of sexuality makes us believe that this is freedom.” Some of the topless women say that “men do it, we’re making a living.”

44:01Copy video clip URL Footage of a tv show set in Hollywood. 

44:38Copy video clip URL Roger Clinton remarks on Bill’s decision to run for president. She speaks to other people involved in his campaign–“we all believe in Bill Clinton and that’s why we all put in good, strong hours.”

46:05Copy video clip URL Roger’s band “Politics” performs.

48:44Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

50:44Copy video clip URL The videographer speaks to a man on the street about Perot dropping out. He says he “doesn’t give a fuck…[he] doesn’t have any money.”

52:27Copy video clip URL CamNet News segment with Paul Krassner talks about Dan Quayle, animal rights, and Tipper Gore. He also makes commentary on voting.

54:18Copy video clip URL Credits roll over footage of Aretha Franklin performing the national anthem.



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