CamNet, episode 1201

Two hour cable program produced by Nancy Cain and friends in L.A. in the mid-90s.

00:18Copy video clip URL CamNet title card followed by footage of a many getting a lottery ticket in Malibu, CA. He explains how he picks the numbers using his family’s ages, years he’s had his house, and birthdays. He remarks that the American dream used to be have “a job, a house, two cars, two kids, and a dog–now the dream is being tremendously rich and never having to worry about money again.”

02:14Copy video clip URL Interview in a law office with attorney Vera Weisz about taking chances and the lottery for immigrants to win a green card. She describes the process of this lottery.

02:57Copy video clip URL Footage of interviews in Arlington where the lottery post office is located.

03:53Copy video clip URL One man says that he’s been there every day and has sent in about 400 notes for the lottery to win a visa for himself. He’s worried about not having enough letters. Another Polish woman has licked 200 stamps.

06:30Copy video clip URL Two Argentinian videographers describe the violence at the post office from the rush of people trying to get their applications in. Footage of this situation is shown.

08:24Copy video clip URL The screen reads “A total of 19 million letters were received by the Post Office. Of these, 7 million were disqualified because they arrived too early. Letter bins were transferred to a sub-contractor hired by the State Department to process the applications. The sub-contractor went through the bins in the order designated by the Post Office stamps. They went through 500,000 letters to come up with 50,000. Of these, 40,000 were awarded visas. Letters were sent out to notify people to apply for their visas through U.S. embassies. Both the House and Senate committees are looking into ways to improve the process. At 29 cents a stamp, the U.S. Post Office grossed $5.51 million from the visa lottery.”

11:11Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

13:23Copy video clip URL In South Beloit, IL, the videographer bungee jumps over a lake. He gets low enough to talk to the people on the beach.

19:03Copy video clip URL Footage of people chanting, dancing, and clapping at night with torches in Bali.

20:33Copy video clip URL In LA, the videographer records at 1100 feet before going down in the boom with window washers. They talk to the window washer about living in LA and the smog.

24:25Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

26:28Copy video clip URL The videographer drives to meet with air quality control people in LA. He remarks that what you see in the LA sky “is not smog, it’s pollution.”

27:25Copy video clip URL They tour the air quality facility. He shows a dark gray filter after 24 hours of filtering air in a “clean” area.

29:45Copy video clip URL The videographer tours an elementary school to ask them about the air. One boy says that breathing in LA “hurts” and a girl remarks that running is difficult. Five or six of the students have an inhaler. 

34:18Copy video clip URL Footage of street performers in New Orleans, LA. 

35:15Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

37:17Copy video clip URL Recording of a horse race in Pomona, CA. Followed by an interview about why people come to the racetrack–for fun and money. The videographer talks to other attendees about why they come to the tracks.

41:09Copy video clip URL In New York City, the videographer meets with Tovey Halleck, a sculptor. They travel to the Socrates soccer park where Tovey discusses one of his new sculptures.

44:08Copy video clip URL He shows off his forage and works on a new sculpture. He say that “some people have to learn in a hands on way” and he’s that type.

46:16Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

48:14Copy video clip URL Back in LA, Patty Powers talks about her plans to drive across the US and strip. She plans to write about her experience.

50:54Copy video clip URL Now in Chicago, Patty performs at a club as a showgirl, laughing at the title after being called a “live nude” in LA.

54:42Copy video clip URL Patty counts $230 for the night. She plans to end up in New York by Wednesday for Thanksgiving.

55:05Copy video clip URL Credits roll over footage of the bungee jumper, this time from the onlookers instead of his POV.



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