CamNet, episode 1302

Episode 1302 of "CamNet," a two hour cable program produced by Nancy Cain and friends in L.A. in the mid-90s. This episode features video from a tunnel infrastructure project in Oahu, Hawaii; a subway construction project in Los Angeles, California, and Louis 'Studs' Terkel speaking at his bridge dedication ceremony in Chicago, Illinois.

0:24Copy video clip URL Open to title card: “CamNet: The Camcorder Network.” Cut to a band playing Hawai’ian music on a stage. The singer is Liko Martin, famous Hawai’ian songwriter.

2:07Copy video clip URL Martin says Congress is trying to “wipe out the [Hawai’ian] Nation” through genealogical registries. He sings a song.

4:02Copy video clip URL Cut to a car dashboard camera traveling in Oahu, Hawaii. The car travels over a winding road in lush, mountainous country. Camera focuses on industrial construction materials that they pass until they reach a wide, deep tunnel.

6:01Copy video clip URL Video from inside a large tunnel.

6:22Copy video clip URL Cut to inside an under-construction tunnel. The band’s song is over and the audio is from inside the tunnel. Laulani Teale, Hawai’ian activist: “This is right out of a dream I had…about this corridor here that connects between the two tunnels, these people that were trying to stop the cars that kept going through and–it was–everything, the island was going to die…This whole thing is just death.” More shots from within the tunnel, featuring heavy machinery. Teale scales a wall.

10:14Copy video clip URL Teale: “It just keeps going and going…I bet it’s going to the other side. The wind is so strong up here compared to down there…”

12:02Copy video clip URL Long shot of a man on top of a landing in the tunnel.

12:39Copy video clip URL Cameraman: “What are the conditions in the tunnel?” Man up above: “It’s all lit up…they’ve reinforced it ten feet thick.” Audio of people’s echoes.

15:24Copy video clip URL Two climbers try to descend from the tunnel heights. Teale describes how the summit is like “heaven and hell.”

17:27Copy video clip URL Man: “What I thought were incandescent lights were actually the end of the tunnel…it must be a mile long…”

18:18Copy video clip URL They start singing: “All Hawaii, stand together…”

19:15Copy video clip URL Teale: “It was like going through heaven and hell…” She describes the tunnel and the presence of large machinery: “It’s just steel and mountain and green forest and death and life and sky and everything I’ve ever dreamed of or had a nightmare of pretty much…”

22:52Copy video clip URL The group walks out of the tunnel. They relate their experiences of walking through the area.

24:54Copy video clip URL They leave the tunnel.

25:01Copy video clip URL “CamNet will return in a moment.” A man talks about going to the different mountain peaks and watching the moon rise.

26:00Copy video clip URL Advertisement for an exercise machine, SoloFlex.

27:00Copy video clip URL “CamNet: The Camcorder Network.” Shot of leg-shaped kite in the air.

27:30Copy video clip URL Promo for the Rain Forest Action Network.

28:00Copy video clip URL Inside a compound in Bali (Indonesia). A Balinese woman dances.

29:00Copy video clip URL Cut to Los Angeles, CA. Interview with Beth Lapides, who introduces a segment exploring public transportation infrastructure.

30:26Copy video clip URL Video from underground, where a rail network is being built. Lapides: “It’s like you’re inside the earth, but the earth is filled with machines.” She interviews a foreman and several laborers. One man says he’d like to get into the maintenance crew after the subway is built.

33:39Copy video clip URL They leave the construction site and walk with a foreman. Lapides talks about the analogy between shoes and transportation options. She talks about the “Kiss ‘n Ride” area.

37:04Copy video clip URL She talks about tabloids.

37:47Copy video clip URL Cut to “CamNet will return in a moment.” Video of several television programs and an advertisement for “The Realist.”

38:47Copy video clip URL Cut to a dance circle with singers, a flute player, and a violin player.

39:49Copy video clip URL Cut to Venice, CA. Interview with a group of people who live in a subway station. An inebriated man talks about income inequality in the United States. The group tries to recycle everything they can.

42:11Copy video clip URL J.C.: “I try to recycle everything for my own personal survival.”

43:33Copy video clip URL Another man: “He cleans it up and sells it!” They tour the various objects sold out of the subway station. One last interview with J.C, who calls their station the safest place anywhere. The crew leaves the station.

46:51Copy video clip URL Cut to Niagara Falls: “CamNet will return in a moment.” An advertisement for “Direct Effect, a non-profit against chemical farming. An advertisement for video editing. A promo for CamNet news and Paul Krassner. Krassner tells an anecdote.

50:05Copy video clip URL Cut to a husband-wife duo singing on the Studs Terkel bridge on Division Street. Terkel is present and takes photos. Terkel speaks at an official podium. He describes his move from New York City to Studs Terkel, and how wind gusts from the Union Stockyards cured his asthma.

54:03Copy video clip URL Terkel signs autographs.

54:40Copy video clip URL Cut to a “CamNet Network” credits. Credits roll over a woman getting a tattoo. The tattoo reads” All Rights Reserved.”

56:14Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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