CamNet, episode 1502

Two hour cable program produced by Nancy Cain and friends in L.A. in the mid-90s.

01:29Copy video clip URL “The 90’s” channel intro plays.

01:57Copy video clip URL A narrator discusses her relationship with a man named Tony as she flies to see him. 

02:52Copy video clip URL Tony drives her through LA and she talks about their long-distance relationship and her lack of trust in him.

06:07Copy video clip URL She records him as a way to see if he’s “acting” in love with her or is actually in love. 

08:24Copy video clip URL In Venice, CA the videographer explores the area, talking about who is and isn’t an actor.

09:05Copy video clip URL She gets a palm reading where she’s told “you let your heart determine your life and that can be deceptive, that can blind you to reality.”

09:24Copy video clip URL Tony talks to his agent on the phone before they go rollerblading.

12:09Copy video clip URL Tony tells her that he loves her.

12:24Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

14:24Copy video clip URL Tony talks about being nervous for an audition. 

16:40Copy video clip URL She waits with Tony for his audition and talks about people showing their nerves. She films one man practicing, he sees her and asks “Hey did you record that? Can I see that?”

18:55Copy video clip URL Tony auditions with another actress. They kiss.

20:25Copy video clip URL Tony talks about the audition and meets with his agent.

21:26Copy video clip URL They go to lunch and talk about a potential pilot for Tony. He tells his agent that the videographer will be moving out to LA with him.

26:07Copy video clip URL She films them making out without Tony knowing. He gets upset and then says “screw it let’s get married” to her and the camera before pointing it at her.

28:08Copy video clip URL Replays of him telling her he loves her.

28:47Copy video clip URL She holds the video tapes and says “it’s nuts” before showing pictures Tony took of her filming him and posing. 

30:07Copy video clip URL Footage of the two in Disneyland. 

30:26Copy video clip URL Credits roll for this segment of the episode.

31:17Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

33:18Copy video clip URL “Tha Critic” song and music video.

36:30Copy video clip URL Credits roll for this segment of the episode. 

36:36Copy video clip URL CamNet title card followed by interview with Sam Shaffer about his retirement and turning 84–“keeping busy is the key to a happy retirement.” He talks about his many involvements, what he does for fun, his love & social life, his family, and his religion.

42:51Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

44:49Copy video clip URL A man in Amsterdam talks about dope usage there versus in America and other countries. Clips of people smoking is intercut with the clip of him talking, audio is continuous.

49:05Copy video clip URL Footage of an Amsterdam street performance and its onlookers.

51:33Copy video clip URL Interview with people about living in Amsterdam–“this atmosphere is very free…sell everything you’ve got and move here.”

54:22Copy video clip URL Program break and ads.

56:21Copy video clip URL Puppets are controlled to perform music. Credits roll over this footage.



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