CamNet, episode 1701

Two hour cable program produced by Nancy Cain and friends in L.A. in the mid-90s.

01:53Copy video clip URL Montage of different clips (some repeated) before the CamNet title card.

02:23Copy video clip URL Footage from a sexual harassment seminar in Los Angeles. 

03:16Copy video clip URL Inside the “Old Boys Room,” they tell her about who the old boys are and how they are celebrating their birthdays. One man stands up and says “petition to let a girl into the group.” Another man stands up to make a crude joke. They invite her to join them, but say they are “14 harassers.” Barbara, the videographer, exchanges cards with one of the men.

07:13Copy video clip URL At the Guinness World of Records museum in LA, one man, Jim Mouth, jokes around and tells the videographer that “he has the world record for most cigars in his mouth…and pipes,” but “there are a lot of things [he] would never put in his mouth.” He tells them that he dislocated his jaw at one point to win the record. 

08:55Copy video clip URL Steven Kirk introduces Mouth, telling the crowd that he will set the world record of most cigarettes smoked at one time to raise awareness of the habit’s ugliness and harm. He discusses how Jim holds 16 world records and has raised “thousands of dollars for a lot of great causes.”

10:34Copy video clip URL Jim puts 155 the cigarettes in his mouth at once. Some fall out and have to be replaced.

14:20Copy video clip URL The cigarettes are lit. Jim removes them quickly and tells the crowd he needs 10 minutes to restart.

15:21Copy video clip URL An add for a bedazzler plays, followed by another for a workout machine.

17:17Copy video clip URL Jim has all the cigarettes in his mouth and is presented with a world record certificate from the museum. 

18:12Copy video clip URL Street performers play “Please Come Home for Christmas” and a holistic doctor, Dr. John Michelle, prepares a donation box for clothes for the homeless. He states that “they want the homeless to go away…I wanna show that there are a lot of people that care.” He discusses healthy eating.

21:37Copy video clip URL He tells the videographer about he was recently arrested for selling vitamins without his license. Then discusses politics and how to keep people alive on Spirulina.

25:27Copy video clip URL More footage of the blues performers playing. 

28:50Copy video clip URL An ad for video yoga lessons, followed by another for Greenpeace.

30:53Copy video clip URL The videographer walks through a garden to the birthplace of former president Richard Nixon.

32:55Copy video clip URL She enters the library, but video is not allowed. 

33:37Copy video clip URL She films inside the ladies room. One woman tells her about the architecture in the library and how incredible she finds it.

34:40Copy video clip URL A man puts clown make-up on, saying that “a lot of people have to get drunk to put a lampshade on their head, only wait until they’re drunk to do it.” The videographer asks if he longs to be an investment banker to which he replies “right” and laughs.

34:56Copy video clip URL Two Native American men walk through the woods playing instruments and chanting.

37:01Copy video clip URL Footage of Niagara Falls.

37:29Copy video clip URL One of the men is interviewed. He describes the place as “the water world” and it will “crumble into what it once was.” He talks about how Niagara Falls water cannot be drunk because “something is wrong with technology.”

40:26Copy video clip URL More ads–one for topsy tails and another against the destruction of the rainforest.

42:27Copy video clip URL Two women at SeaWorld, named Maris, discuss their love of wales and desire to save them. They are a mother-daughter duo, the daughter is a marine biologist.

43:15Copy video clip URL The videographer records a tour through SeaWorld. 

45:00Copy video clip URL Maris discuss why she doesn’t like SeaWorld. She says once they reach the “petting tank…we will all be able to see clearly why this is not a natural [or educational] environment..or a good environment for the dolphins.”

47:20Copy video clip URL Footage of a dolphin swimming in a small enclosure. They talk about how the dolphins don’t seem to want to be touched or have their eyes open. Maris discusses how dolphins are used to darker environments in the ocean.

48:44Copy video clip URL Footage of a killer whale splashing water on the crowd.

49:17Copy video clip URL Maris judges the educational merit of SeaWorld, stating that she doesn’t feel she “learned anything that makes [her] more compassionate towards these animals…seeing killer whales swallow ice [is] really disheartening…almost demeaning to these animals and what they really represent out in the wild.” She gives them an F due to the mortality rates of the animals living in SeaWorld–“out of 33 whales, 20 are dead.” She says that to save the whales they need to save the oceans.

53:38Copy video clip URL More ads.

55:34Copy video clip URL Credits roll over footage of a woman singing.



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