CamNet, episode 701

Two hour cable program produced by Nancy Cain and friends in L.A. in the mid-90s. This episode has video from a rally for Ross Perot; artists in New York City; and Alligator Annie in Louisiana.

0:00Copy video clip URL Black

0:59Copy video clip URL Opening for The 90’s Channel.

2:00Copy video clip URL Camnet opening. Nancy Cain at a Perot rally in Los Angeles. The organizer of the event hails Perot supporters as “heroes of the revolution.” People stand before the crowd and speak about their experiences within the Perot campaign. One female speaker urges people to contact women’s groups, saying “old ladies” will get involved because they have nothing else to talk about. The segment highlights the diverse group of people that support Perot.

12:23Copy video clip URL Commercial break (includes commercials from broadcast).

14:23Copy video clip URL Back at the Perot rally. A man, claiming to be a former CIA operative, says that Perot has inside information on the Republicans. He also asserts that the people have to take back the power from the politicians.

20:08Copy video clip URL Nancy interviews an older couple who have opposite political views. The wife doesn’t support Perot.

21:23Copy video clip URL A segment featuring artists in New York City’s Tompkins Square Park.

24:16Copy video clip URL Little girls are interviewed on the street and talk about how TV has too many commercials.

24:46Copy video clip URL Commercial break.

26:15Copy video clip URL In New York City interviewing more artists. An artist says that police officers should have B.A.’s in philosophy and should not be allowed on the street until they are thirty years old.

30:03Copy video clip URL A man screams about how the police are criminals and often rob him. He says that the mayor kills “thousands of people.”

32:38Copy video clip URL Street musicians perform.

34:51Copy video clip URL Commercial break.

35:51Copy video clip URL A segment called “camcorder news” – Paul Krassner hosts this segment mocking current news stories, including the LA riots.

37:54Copy video clip URL Now in New Orleans, LA. A local, Waylon Thibodaux, performs a tune on his fiddle.

40:13Copy video clip URL The leader of a tour boat, Alligator Annie, calls for alligators in the bayou. A larger, seemingly friendly gator named Mike appears; the Annie feeds him via a long stick. Several others appear for their feeding.

46:08Copy video clip URL Commercial break.

47:07Copy video clip URL Return to the show. A piece with a man showing a species of lizard that is nearly extinct. The show moves to a bar/restaurant in Baton Rouge, LA where a band performs Cajun music while people dance.

54:02Copy video clip URL In another restaurant we meet Alligator Annie again. She talks about hunting alligators over the credits.



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