[CamNet Nancy Cain & Judith Binder on Independent Eye (KCET)]

A brief interview with Judith Binder and Nancy Cain about CamNet for public television station KCET.

00:05Copy video clip URL Station card: KCET Los Angeles. Followed by a caution that viewer discretion is advised. 

00:17Copy video clip URL Independent Eye presents: CamNet title sequence. 

00:48Copy video clip URL Judith Binder and Nancy Cain. Cain explains that CamNet doesn’t have any wraparound. She discusses the origins of CamNet as coming from “the last revolution” when the only people who had video cameras were the Videofreex and the police. 

01:29Copy video clip URL Binder explains the submission process for CamNet, which includes submission and revisions. They want makers to get close to their stories, to become involved. “We’re known as the people’s CNN.”

01:57Copy video clip URL Cain: “We’d like to be an alternative network” on the air 24 hours a day. 

02:05Copy video clip URL Binder says that we they try not to have a POV, to not intervene or force subjects into certain answers. 

02:58Copy video clip URL Cain discusses the need to undo the training that students receive to be overly formal and presentational. They need to “let it happen” in front of the camera. 

03:33Copy video clip URL Cain: “Where all the other cameras are pointing this way, there’s one person who’s got his camcorder – or hers – looking the other way. We say, ‘Hey, that’s CamNet.'”



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